Tips for Hosting a Casino-Themed Party

Tips for Hosting a Casino-Themed Party

You don’t need to head to Las Vegas or Atlantic City to have some casino fun. Why not host a casino-inspired party for your next event? Here are some of our tips for hosting a great casino party along with some casino fun facts:

Make sure this theme fits the event.

There are some events that suit a casino party better than others like wedding receptions, birthday parties, anniversaries, corporate parties, and fundraising events. Before you get started planning, make sure the casino theme makes sense, especially with your budget. Otherwise, scrap it and save it for a future event.

Have fun with the theme, decorations, and refreshments.

You don’t have to have just a casino-themed party — You could have a “When in Vegas…” or “One Night in Monte Carlo” party. For a Vegas party, you can amp up the glitz and glamor, throw in a wedding chapel-style photo booth, and add in some fun lights to mimic the Vegas clubs. As for Monte Carlo, add in some chandeliers, mini palm trees, and some luxurious gold and silver decorations. Another theme idea (if you want to make it wilder) is a futuristic casino theme, with alien-like decorations, appetizers, and drinks. If you love to get creative, this is your chance to do so. Amazon has plenty of Vegas decoration kits too.

Make themed invitations. 

Themed invitations are super easy to make, and you can design your own or else choose an online template. One creative option is to have the invitation be on a large playing card, making sure to mix up the colors, suits, and numbers. If you’re having a Vegas-themed party, you could have an invitation designed to mimic the Welcome to Fabulous Las Vegas sign. However, other great invitation designs might incorporate roulette wheels, chips, or dice.

Have a dress code. 

Depending on the event, you might already have a dress code or costume theme in place. Regardless, the invitation is a good place to state any dress code themes or requirements. For a Vegas party, you might encourage people to dress like the gangsters, showgirls or Roaring 20s, while a Monte Carlo party might ask guests to dress like they’re attending the Oscars. Having a dress code makes the party that much more fun because it helps to set the mood and get everyone more into it. Plus, the photos will be even better! 

Know how to play the games. 

As a host for the event, a lot of attention will be on you. You’ll likely be responsible for getting the ball rolling, taking the lead on various games and activities, and building excitement among the guests. Therefore, you’ll need to know how to play all of the games that are being offered. For games like blackjack or poker, there are many easy-to-follow tutorials online to help you get started. Then, once you’ve got the basics covered, practice playing the games with your friends or peers regularly before the event so you’ll get more comfortable putting your skills to the test live.

Make sure you have all the basic casino games covered. 

At a casino-themed party, guests are going to be expecting more than just poker. Still, it’s important to consider how many guests will be at your party before determining the number of games you should have. For example, if you’ll only have about ten guests, then you won’t need more than a few different games total. But if you’ll have 50 to 100 guests, you’ll want plenty of game stations. This might involve several poker and blackjack tables, a roulette table, and even some slot games. If you’ve got the budget, consider renting real tables and hiring real dealers — They’ll make your party that much better.

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Don’t forget the music. 

Last but not least, don’t forget to make a good music playlist. Make sure it fits whatever theme you’ve set. If you’ve got an Old Hollywood casino party, play some Elvis and Frank Sinatra. For a Vegas party, don’t forget “Poker Face” by Lady Gaga or “Waking Up in Vegas” by Katy Perry. There are plenty of great casino songs, so there’s no need to worry about running out.

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Tips for Hosting a Casino-Themed Party

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