Travel Tips for Virgin Voyages Cruise Ship Scarlet Lady

Virgin Voyages isn't your grandmother’s cruise ship 🚢 , but a luxury party ship. 

It's an adults-only, award-winning cruise line with included luxuries (tips, wifi, quality food) and the most 5-star reviews on TripAdvisor.

No buffet lines either, instead over 20 eateries, and more than 10 bars and lounges. Plus, private Karaoke rooms, candy stations, a lively casino, quality shows, adult pajama party, cabaret performances, and soooo much more! 

Come sail away too, start booking your experience today ➡️ 

Travel Tips for Sailing on Virgin Voyages Scarlet Lady 

Dining Reservations

I'm an alpha travel planner who likes to do research before a trip, but this was a last-minute booking for us, and by the time we got our confirmation number and registered within the app almost all the dining reservations were full. We only managed to secure a spot at Test Kitchen and Razzle Dazzle, but nothing else. This had me stressing, however, like at a typical restaurant they welcome walk-ins too. 

So, if you're able to book a time and spot ahead of time, good on you, but don't get too stressed about dining. Typically, show up to the restaurant 30 - 45 minutes before your desired dining time, put your name down and you'll likely get in. 

Or you can head to Sailor Services once on board so they can pop you into anything available, but the line was long by the time we did this that we didn't bother and still could dine at most of the restaurants we wanted to visit. Also, keep checking the app throughout your stay because people cancel and change their plans constantly. 

Our favorite dining outlet outside of the quick-service options in The Galley, which replaces the typical buffet setup was Pink Agave, the modern Mexican restaurant and we got into that being on the waitlist on the first night. 

Book Theater Shows Immediately 

As soon as you get on board, wait to go to your room or up to The Galley to eat, instead head straight down to the Box Office near Sailor Services and reserve your spot for Duel Reality and Ships in the Night. 

They will let you know what show times are available and will book it for you. And while you are in line, open your app and try to book the Supper Club (dinner and a show) one night too. We were able to grab that ourselves, but needed the cast to book the big theater performances and luckily we got tickets for both shows. 

There are other shows that do not require a ticket like the hysterical diva drag show in The Manor, just wait in line and you'll get a seat. Luckily, if you have a conflict, they do this show more than once during the sail.

Secret show tip from my friend Josie: "One thing we did was cool and almost missed out was there’s a random magic type show, I think it’s called the mentalist. It’s held in the afternoon one day…go to it! If you go to that you get a card to attend a secret show later that day in the belly of the ship! Only like 100 people get to do it a trip!"

Carry on Wine 

You are allowed to bring two bottles of wine per cabin in your carry-on luggage to store in your room. We totally took advantage of this option! 

Pack Something Red

Each sailing has a Scarlet Night where everyone wears red, so don't be the party pooper in another color. You can be as dress or casual as you want, just as long as it's red. 

Not sure what to wear? Try these dresses from Amazon (I actually own them all):

Upgrade your Pajamas

On the first night there is an epic pajama party at 10:45 p.m., while it sounds late, we had so much fun dancing that we didn't head back to our cabin till after 2 a.m. I was afraid we might be the only ones in PJs, but no, there were people in robes, onesies, etc. 

Our red silk stripe pajamas below from Amazon were a big hit, but these matching palm tree ones would be too. Go all in and order these ahead of time, you'll thank me later! 

Go on a Grog Walk!

This is a pub-crawl-like experience and can only be booked through the app once you are on board. 

It was sold out each day and time for us and I was so bummed. We went to Sailer Services and they couldn't get us in either. However, after I gave up, my husband looked at the app again and someone must have canceled because two spots opened up and we grabbed them. 

For $50 per person, you get 4 cocktails each, a tour of the ship, VIP seating at lounges during the walk and the chance to meet new friends with fun get to know you games along the way. They even let you stop and change into your PJs for the pajama party portion where you'll reconvene and end the walk. We met a lot of great people, solos and couples during the grog walk who became our vacation friends during the trip. Well worth it. 

Shake for Champagne

Shake for Champagne is a novelty in the Virgin Voyages app for all sailors. It is what it says. You open the app, shake your phone, and a server brings you a bottle of Moët for $95. 

We meant to do this, but never got around to it. Instead, we frequented Sip, the champagne lounge on board often for our sparkling kick. 

Book the Splash of Romance Package

Whether you're feeling romantic or not this is a great value. Available for only 90 cabins per voyage, this $200 add-on is a no brainer and well worth it. If you pre-book the Romance Package you'll get:
  • Priority Boarding 
  • Curated daily cold-pressed juices 
  • Two 3-Hour Thermal Spa Passes 
  • A Shake for Champagne bottle
  • Exclusive Sail Away Hour Sultry bites
I called to get this as it showed sold out on the app, but they let me add it. 

Don't Worry about Plugs

I normally bring my cruise-approved no surge power outlet when I go cruising, but there were several USB plugs in our Sea Terrace cabin already so we didn't need it for a change. One less thing to pack, unless you have a lot of tech that needs charging. 

Tips for Virgin's Beach Club in the Bahamas

Set your alarm and get off the boat early to grab an umbrella chair by the pool. Why not the beach? Because the pool party is where it's at in the afternoon. The pool turns into a dance party with dozens of floats being thrown into the water. You can snag a prime float if you hang by the stage five minutes before the party begins. Don't feel like getting into the water? That's OK, you can watch from your chair. 

Also, you can order an engraved coconut with natural coconut juice (with or without rum) by the pool bars too. This makes for a great photo opp and electrolytes. 

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VIP Travel Tips for Virgin Voyages Cruise Ship The Scarlet Lady

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