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Top 4 Reasons Why You Should Own a Smoothie Blender at Home

Who doesn’t like having a smoothie to start the day or after working out? It not only tastes great but also keeps you healthy, hydrated and full of energy. However, buying the ingredients that are needed to make such delicious drinks can get quite expensive over time, thus the need to have a smoothie blender at home. 

Below are 4 reasons why having a smoothie blender at home can change your life:

1. It’s An Easy Road to A Healthier Diet 

We’ve all wanted to adopt healthier diets at some point, but plenty of us have failed in doing so. One of the most common reasons among people who have attempted to do so is how much effort it takes to include fruits and vegetables in our diet on a daily basis. When are you ever going to find the space in your stomach to consume the five portions recommended by the World Health Organization (WHO)? Having a smoothie blender at home means that all you’ve got to do to meet your daily requirements is throw the fruit in the blender, pour it back in a cup, and drink up. Not to mention, you’ll get to avoid the sugar-loaded smoothies sold at coffee shops and juiceries.

2. It Saves Money 

Speaking of stores, preparing smoothies at home is almost always cheaper and more wholesome than buying them from outside. Shops tend to overcharge for smoothies in order to make a profit. At the same time, some of them also cut corners when it comes to their ingredients so they can decrease their spending and, in turn, increase their profit margins. Luckily, online several smoothie blenders come with discount codes that significantly lower prices further. Using a blender entails that, in exchange for a small amount of money, you can forever quit buying mediocre smoothies from shop chains.

3. It’s A Huge Timesaver 

For people who are constantly running from one thing to the next (aren't we all), blenders are a godsend, and particularly if you constantly find yourself having to sacrifice between sleep and breakfast. With the countless recipes out there, breakfast, lunch, and dinner smoothies, you can literally make a whole meal in less than 10 minutes. All you’ve got to do is add liquid, a solid base, and some ice. Granted, it will take you a little time to get the perfect consistency because preferences vary from one person to another. Once you’ve figured out your ideal consistency, however, you’ll have your own recipe book in no time.

4. It's fun! 

My kids love helping us load the blender with fresh fruit and help to create their smoothies. It's great to involve them in healthier eating and this is an easy way to do it. Even without kids, you'll enjoy the process too and can be proud of your smoothie creations too. 

Blenders are definitely an attractive option worth considering, especially because you can use them for so many things other than smoothies: Pesto, dressings, soups, sauces, purees, and the list goes on. Last but not least, with the number of ingredients you can put in one smoothie/shake, people who work out regularly can benefit so much from preparing their pre/post-workout meals using a blender. Now that you have all the facts, what do you think of smoothie blenders?

Top 4 Reasons Why You Should Own a Smoothie Blender at Home

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Gift Guide for Book Lovers

Calling all bibliophiles, this gift guide is for you! 

Have a friend or loved one that enjoys reading then look no further for gift ideas and check out these trusted picks from an author and book lover.

Reading Socks

But not just any reading socks, stuff your feet in Oprah's favorite - Cozy Earth Socks

The Plush Lounge Socks come in a three-pack of solid neutrals with a textural ribbed design allowing you to put your best foot forward every day. They sell for $48 for 3, but get these beauties for only $28 and free shipping with the following code - 45TARA. While I bought the holiday color set, they have several other color packs to choose from too. 

Cozy Earth's luxury bamboo sheets and pajamas meanwhile made Oprah's Favorite Things list in the past too. I own four of their softest ever and cooling PJs, one set of their sheets and bought another sheet set for my mother, yeah, I'm a fan too! 

Save 45% off with code 45TARA.

An Ornament to Match Your Passion


Pizza, Red Wine, Coffee, Books, you name it, there is a Old World Christmas ornament for it. With over 1,5000 unique glass ornaments, you can find ones related to a profession, destination, animals, etc. 

These beautiful glass ornaments are carefully mouth-blown into a finely crafted mold. Then a hot solution of liquid silver is poured inside. Finally, the ornaments are delicately hand-painted with glitter added. They are a gorgeous addition to any tree or collection. $19.99-$24.99 each. 

Read Between the Wines Pouch

Books, wine and a witty pun? These are a few of my favorite things ;) 

From Gibbs Smith, this little pouch can be used as a makeup bag, pencil case, or a purse organizer for the book lover in your life.

Love Handle Grips

For the last four years, I haven't held my phone, iPad, Kindle or taken a selfie without the help of a Love Handle strap. I'm constantly getting compliments and questions about it too. 

Trust me, they are soooo much better than those pop socket circles that you have to open and grasp because with these I can just loop my finger through it and go. It's great for walking, reading, or just texting and not dropping your phone. I have butterfingers but since having the Love Handle strap I haven't dropped my phone in the longest time. 

The new PRO has a kickstand too so you can prop up your device and watch/read easily. Also, the straps can be swapped out to update the style. 

Best of all, it works with any case or type of phone and doesn't damage your case when you remove or apply. 

Save 10% with code TARAMETBLOG

Kindle Unlimited or Audible Subscription 

I hate when someone buys me a book. I'm picky and want to pick my own reads thank you very much. Plus, what I might like, you might not, etc. Thus, don't do it. Instead, provide a reading subscription with Kindle Unlimted and your book lover can read to their heart's content and think of you with each download. 

There is a discount being offered now for Kindle Unlimited Reading Subscription for 6M, 12M and 24M pre-paid plans. Also, FYI two of my Tara September titles are available on KU. 

Traveling, commuting or don't have time to read a book that's where Audiobooks save the day and an Audible subscription.  PS: all my rom-com books are available on audio too. 

Keep Your Book Lover Hydrated

I might not have run a marathon, but I've done my share of reading and writing sprints. During which I'll let my tea get cold or refuse to get up to refill my water bottle, but with the H2O Capsule you don't have to worry about that. It's a half-gallon jug, so quite large, but not as big as those other water challenge bottles. 

It also comes in an adorable neoprene sleeve in several stylish designs and a shoulder strap for wherever your reading adventures take you. Plus, there is a clip for your keys, and a sleeve for your phone and credit cards. There is a removable straw option too. 

Holiday Gift Guide for Book Lovers

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How To Make Your Vacation Trip Luxurious And Unforgettable

Most of us will agree on the fact that vacation is something we all need after a long period spent at work or doing other activities. Vacations are not only good for our mental health, but they're also great because they give us some rest. If you're like me and enjoy exploring new places, I think that knowing how to make your vacation trip unforgettable is very important, especially if you want to go back home with some nice memories. So here are some general ideas on how to turn your next vacation into the most luxurious experience that you will remember for a long time.

Book A Private Jet Charter 

When traveling in or around Hong Kong, there is nothing more luxurious than booking a private jet charter. You will save yourself the time spent waiting at the airport and you won't have to put up with all those people around you. If you want to be comfortable and feel like royalty, jet charters in Hong Kong are exactly what you need. Using private jet services will allow you to fly whenever you want without having to worry about schedules. The flexibility and privacy that come with a private jet charter are things we can all appreciate. You can use this opportunity to spend some time on your own and relax without worrying about the stresses of modern life.

Additionally, the feeling of luxury that fills your body when you're flying in a private plane is well worth the money that you have to invest in this type of transport. Whether you are planning to travel on business or with your family, there is no way around it - jet charters are what will make your vacation truly unforgettable! 

Stay In The Five Star Hotel 

If you want to turn your next vacation into something special, you need to book a place where you can stay in style. Don't hesitate and book the five-star hotel of your dreams as soon as possible! Whether it is a resort or a luxury hotel, your stay should be one that you will remember for the rest of your life. You can anticipate bright sunny days and beautiful beaches or perhaps a spa where you can relax after a whole day spent exploring the city.

The best part is that when you book in advance, you can enjoy some nice discounts on room rentals. If you're not sure about which hotel to choose, try asking people who have been there before for advice because it's more than likely they'll recommend their favorites! After all, these are the hotels they chose to spend their own vacation time in.

Go For A Helicopter Tour 

If there is something that will always thrill everyone, it's a helicopter tour. We booked one in Alaska and it ended in a marriage proposal! These amazing excursions are well worth the money and they're something you want to try at least once in your lifetime! Even though many people associate this kind of transport with problems like high prices or lack of space, I think that knowing how to make your vacation trip luxurious should include trying out things like these.

There are plenty of good helicopter companies out there so take your time, read some reviews and choose wisely because choosing the wrong one can hurt the overall experience. On the plus side, helicopter tours can be cheap if you book them in advance! You will see places from another perspective and importantly - you'll have a lot you want to travel in style and enjoy views that will amaze you, then a helicopter tour is exactly what you need.

Book A Tour On A Yacht 

Another way of turning your vacation into something unforgettable is by visiting different islands on a yacht tour. This option will allow you to relax and enjoy nature at its best! It will be an experience that you won't forget easily so you should try to book this type of tour while you're in Hong Kong. You can choose to go on a day trip or simply book an overnight stay. It's really up to you and it depends on how much time you have available for your vacation.

No matter what, I think that the best thing about booking a yacht tour is that it allows you to see many interesting places within one single outing. The views are beautiful, the atmosphere is relaxing and the whole experience will be something that you're sure to remember for years! If luxury is what you aim for when it comes to traveling, then this is one option well worth considering.

A luxury vacation might be exactly what you need to relax after a hectic period at work or just to show yourself how much you deserve some well-deserved rest! The options mentioned above are only some of the ways through which you can make your trip luxurious and memorable. If you want to enjoy your vacation and feel like a king/queen, then there is no better way for making sure that your trip is exactly how you imagined it.

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Hair Fashion Trends Of 2021

If you are a style-conscious individual (and who isn't?), you will want to know what the biggest hair fashion trends are in 2021. It is important to look your best and a full head of hair is essential to this. If you are concerned about hair loss, there are lots of affordable options available internationally. A hair transplant in Istanbul is the same quality as anywhere else internationally, at a highly reduced rate! Read on for some of the best hair fashion trends of 2021 and style yourself out like never before.

Short and Tapered Styles 

Many individuals are opting for short, tapered styles, leaving their long hair behind. These are timeless styles allowing for a stylish look. Don’t be afraid of going for the chop, this is one of the hottest trends of 201.

Silver Coloring 

Say no to grey, and yes to silver! Silver-colored hair is all the rage in 2021, with many people choosing to dye their hair this color. This allows for a glossy, chic finish that will help you stand out from the crowd. Silver shines from a distance and a lot of your favorite celebrities and influencers have already chosen silver hair as their color of choice this year. Get brave, grab the dye and wear your hair with confidence.


Bobs are another short style that has made a comeback. Bobs are a timeless, signature style that is extremely fashionable. Bobs are easy to maintain and give you an effortless glow, with an affordable maintenance regime. Whether you want a shoulder-length or even shorter bob, there are countless options with this timeless style.

Copper Coloring 

Just as silver is all the rage, this is another metallic marvel that will catch the eye of many. Muted copper tones are a subdued style that does not require vast amounts of maintenance, easily incorporating into your natural hair coloring or completely overhauling it with ease.

Longer, Layered Hair 

Long hair is extremely popular (and I love it!), and can even be less demanding than a bob. Think of effortless, you don’t want to overdo it within styling yourself out this year, so enjoy long layered locks like never before. You can even go for a messy finish; it all depends on your stylistic choices.

It me! 

Fringes are a classic look that can be incorporated into any of the styles previously mentioned. Whether it is a straight fringe with a bob, a slick silver fringe or a finge to complement your layered long hair, you can’t really go wrong. Think of the face of your face when getting a fringe and how it is structured. Some people will suit certain fringe styles more than others, so as this year comes to an end, why not experiment, and find what best suits you and your own personal identity. 

It is important to have a creative outlet when it comes to your hair, remember there is no set way of doing things, so experiment, have fun, and wear your hair your way in 2021.

2021 Hair Fashion Trends

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Luminary Hotel Review in Downtown Ft. Myers

While there are a handful of hotel chains by RSW (Southwest Florida International Airport), there isn't much to do outside of visiting shopping centers or visiting FGCU campus. 

For nightlife, dining, and more, you want to be in Downtown, Fort Myers at the new Luminary Hotel & Co. a member of the prestigious Autograph Collection® of Marriott International, Inc. located on the riverfront in downtown Ft. Myers. 

Where to stay in Fort Myers, Florida

Luminary Hotel

Soaring 12 stories above downtown, the 243-room boutique hotel has everything you need from the signature Silver King Ocean Brasserie and Lobby Bar; the popular Beacon Social Drinkery; Ella Mae's Diner comfort food eatery; Oxbow Bar & Grill out on the pier; Dean Street Coffee Roaster; The Workshop culinary theater; an indoor and outdoor fitness facility, pool and more. 

Luminary's deck pool area on the 4th floor overlooks the Caloosahatchee River

The rooms are very modern with fun-colored wardrobe chests and bar carts, chic lighting and a chaise lounge with a desk. 

Plus, great views of downtown, the bridges, and the water.  

Oxbow Bar & Grill 

Located out on the pier is Luminary's new restaurant property, Oxbow! Inspired by its unique location on the Caloosahatchee River, the casual 120-seat restaurant features both indoor and outdoor seating. 

Menu selections include raw oysters and other signature favorites, including the mahi-mahi entrĂ©e that I loved. 

Tip: be sure and make a reservation for sunset! The same applies for the Beacon rooftop lounge (get on the list early!), although you can have drinks in the lobby while waiting to be called up the elevator for your table. 

Beacon Social Drinkery 

This rooftop lounge has outstanding views and a social scene. It's popular with hotel guests and visitors not staying the night. One step out on this roof deck and you'll know why! The craft cocktails are creative with an impressive selection of wine and spirits, served alongside a fresh menu of small plate specialties Definitely a great place for a date, to socialize with friends or to take visitors new to Southwest Floria. 

Why is the hotel called Luminary? 

You'll notice nods to the local area's luminaries Edison and Ford with retro lighting and nostalgic photos on the walls, combined in a unique way that makes the decor and accents feel modern. 

Overall Thoughts

Even though we only live forty minutes away, we have stayed twice at this property and visited the Beacon rooftop multiple times for a reason! Great location, amenities, dining all in a luxuriously chic setting. Beyond the amazing harbor views and amenities, the Luminary is in the heart of it all. You can walk to nearby restaurants and bars as well and next door Convention Center. Perfect for out-of-towners, staycations and locals alike.

Luminary Hotel Review: Fort Myers, Florida
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6 Statement Pieces You Need to Transition to Winter

When it comes to winter outfits, organizing your closet can be a bit tricky, especially when you live in Florida, but still travel up North. Between cute sweaters, puffy coats and big boots, it doesn’t take long for things to feel cluttered. Especially when fall weather lingers long enough to keep you from having to break out your warmest coat and thickest scarf for a little longer.

Transitioning from a fall to winter closet is (thankfully) easier than you might think! In fact, there are a few pieces you can incorporate into your pre-winter wardrobe to make the change even more seamless. These pieces are versatile, customizable and add a touch of boldness when worn with multiple different cold-weather looks. 

Here are six statement pieces you need to transition to winter

1. Leather Leggings: A pair of stretchy leather leggings has the power to take your outfit from athleisure to an elevated and trendy fall look. Leather (or vegan leather) leggings make a statement simply because they are made of a different fabric than regular workout or fashion leggings. If it’s starting to get colder, it’s easy to stay warm in regular or fleece-lined leather leggings. Many of these will even have a slimming effect on the body as well. These shiny statement leggings look great with an oversized sweater, chunky boots and edgy jewelry! 

Seriously, leather and faux-leather leggings are becoming the must-have for Fall 2021.

2. Bold Coat: While it might not be your most practical piece of outerwear, a great-fitting coat in a bold color or print will help you transition to the winter months with ease. This is especially great for those of you who are looking to add some color variation into your winter regimen. As fall leaves change color and autumn foliage thrives, take some inspiration from your surroundings and go for a coat that includes your favorite bright fall color. This might be a rich orange, jewel-toned plum or even a plaid print that includes both neutral and statement colors. Wear this to liven up a skinny jeans and turtleneck combo or over your favorite little black dress.

3. Big Winter Bag: While summer is all about beach bags and bright-colored clutches that complement white outfits, fall and winter fully embrace the inclusion of a big statement bag that carries everything you need. Even if you’re still wearing summer closet leftovers into fall, just add a big, dark-colored purse or tote into the mix for instant fall vibes. The result is a weather-appropriate look that doesn’t have to be all black. As the weather continues to get colder, you might think about pairing your wintry bag with a trendy jacket in a dark fall color and some over-the-knee boots.

4. Black Booties: Speaking of those over-the-knee boots, sometimes it’s best to ease into the winter season with a pair of shorter boots. Black ankle boots are a great way to make a fall statement that will stay in your closet all winter long. With an array of different shapes and styles, there’s a short black boot out there for just about everyone. For a casual, everyday look, pair your short boots with a blazer and a baseball cap (which might become your winter errand-running wardrobe). To elevate things a bit, throw on your short boots with a long slip-inspired dress.

Bold, patterned cardigan sweater 

5. Investment Sweater: What’s any fall wardrobe without a good sweater or two? On the other hand, however, too many sweaters in your wardrobe can take up a lot of space. Instead of spending your hard-earned dollars on a bunch of “meh” quality sweaters, think about investing in fewer of them with better quality. Having a handful of well-made cute sweaters is not only noticeable to you when you wear them, but you can also count on them to last through more seasons than those made from cheaper material.

Black, grey and other staple colors are great to have as basics in your wardrobe, but a sweater in a bold statement color or versatile print will take you from fall to winter effortlessly. Make sure to choose a comfy, high-quality fabric that won’t pill or lose its shape after a few wears. Wear it on its own as the weather starts to cool down and through the winter as a colorful layering piece as well. If you live in warmer climates, a long cardigan with a bold print will work well over just a fall t-shirt or a long sleeve shirt. 

Fall statement hat paired with brown leopard print sweater

6. Bold Hat: Make a statement with a simple yet fun accessory by adding a hat to your fall and winter wardrobe. If you’re new to the hat game, you can try playing around with different hat styles like knit beanies, wool berets or even a structured wide-brimmed fedora. Hats are a great way to spice up your fall-to-winter outfits, plus they can work wonders at hiding a bad hair day. Add a colored hat to a monochromatic outfit or as a way to elevate your jeans and sweater look.

6 Statement Pieces to Transition Wardrobe to Winter

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