Tieks are NOT worth the price

With all the targeted Pinterest ads, blog posts, and fashionable photos on Instagram featuring Tieks colorful ballet flats, I've long had Tieks envy.

However, the $185 starting price always kept me from ordering. Plus, they never go on sale. Don't get me wrong, I have no problem spending that amount on shoes and other high-end labels, but Tieks still seemed too unknown for such a high price tag.

I finally bit the bullet though and decided to treat myself with a pair of cobalt blue leather Tieks and was extremely disappointed and underwhelmed.

Believe me, I wanted to love them I really did, but unfortunately, I didn't and can not recommend them either.

What I do NOT LIKE about Tieks:

  • The cost. It's way too much money for what it is.
  • They are NOT comfortable. For almost $200 I expected these to feel amazing. However, only after a day of light use and wear (just walking around the office) I received a blister! I also didn't like how they felt tight clinging to my foot even when I was just sitting at my desk and this is after I went up a size. I constantly knew they were on my feet and not in a good way.

    Tieks are not comfortableTieks are NOT worth the price
  • They make a rubber noise even when walking on carpet. Just walking around my home trying them on for the first time, they kept making a farting noise when I stepped on tile or on the carpet. I believe it was how my skin rubbed against the inside leather and it happened in both a size 5 and size 6. All I could think was, um this is going to be embarrassing out in public! 
  • Sizing - YES, I WENT BOTH UP AND DOWN A SIZE- their site recommends that if you're a half size to go a size down since they will stretch. I am a 5.5 narrow, so I ordered a 5 and they were too tight. I was able to easily exchange it though for a 6 and while not as tight they still were NOT comfortable.
  • I didn't receive any compliments while wearing them. Sounds shallow, but I went into work with a spring in my step expecting everyone to ohh and ahh over my Tieks and it just didn't happen. My Payless wedges the day before received more fanfare.

 What I LIKE about Tieks:

Tieks handwritten note with each pair
  • The array of enticing colors. It was so hard to choose a style as I wanted them all. 
  • Their customer service is personal and responsive - a handwritten note is included with your purchase and when I needed a different size I received an actual human response via email, not just an automated reply. 
  • Each order comes with a reusable nylon tote in their signature teal color along with a Tieks custom pouch to compress folded Tieks for quick and convenient storage during travel.
  • The quality of the leather is indeed fine. 
  • Easy returns and exchanges.

The Verdict is Mixed:

Don't just take my word for it, I received both positive, lukewarm and negative feedback for Tieks over on my Facebook post. Read through the comments:

Alternatives to Tieks:

  • For a third of the price try Frank Mully flats, which are made of knitted fabric, the upper is soft and elastic, the inner lining does not rub the feet, and at the same time has a certain breathability and does not stuff the feet, so that your feet are protected throughout the day
  • Dr. Scholl's Flats
  • Hush Puppies Women's Chaste Ballet Flats or Xielong Women's Chaste Ballet Flat  are Tieks dupe Loafers on Amazon that are pretty much Tieks replicas at a quarter of the price. However, they still are not that comfortable, but at least you didn't pay a fortune. Basically, if you don't like these, you would definitely NOT like Tieks either. You can use this to compare or as a stepping stone.
  • FitKicks Kruzers Slip-On Sneaker Shoe - These are better for wider feet as they don't cling so tightly. They are foldable too just like Tieks. Also, comes with a travel bag and only $19.99!
  • Sanuks are my go-to travel sandal!! The bottom is made from yoga mats. They are just as compact when traveling and it feels like you are walking on a cloud. Also, they are affordable.
  • Tory Burch sandals are fashionable flip-flops and dress up any casual outfit. I have two pairs - a black patent leather and matted silver ones. I have my eye on their gold ones next, but they are expensive too.
  • TOMS flats at least benefit a good cause and are available on Amazon.
  • Yosi Samra - Recommended by a reader in the comments twice ow, but I haven't tried them before. 

Are Tieks worth the price? No! An honest review


  1. Tieks are not worth the price! @tieks bullied me a frontline healthcare worker and a victim of fraud. Tieks representatives threatened me and blackmailed me with not allowing me to ever buy from them again after I purchased Tieks from a fraudulent seller on eBay.

    1. I'm sorry to hear that. They keep reporting my post on Pinterest even though I don't say anything hateful or wrong, I'm just hurting their business like they hurt my feet!