Upgrading to a Big Boy Room with City Furniture

My boys are turning five next week! *my mind is blown*

We figured a great way to celebrate the milestone would be to upgrade their bedroom with bigger boy furnishings.

They have been in toddler beds for a while now, but with them sneaking into each other's beds some evenings, it was getting pretty tight in there. We discovered them like this just the other night...
Growing out of their toddler beds
Since my twins share a room, we were really looking for furnishings that did double-duty by providing storage space and grew with them as they continue to get older (NOooo!). However, they are still kids, so we wanted something fun that would get them excited, but wouldn't be an eyesore or cheap and plastic either.

The answer? City Furniture!
Big Boy Beds from City Furniture being delivered

Boys Bedroom Before:

Boys Bedroom After:

City Furniture Loft Bed
We ordered two City Furniture Highlands Dark Tone Loft Beds ($995), which included a loft headboard, footboard, ladder, rails, chest of drawers, bookcase and desk in a very dark brown espresso color.

These loft beds add both more space and storage capacity to their room. Although, my boys already started filling the drawers with toys, so I had to explain that their clothes needed to go there, lol.

Extra storage dressers and desk included.
Since they will be entering Kindergarten next year, we loved that the bottom portion also functioned as a desk for doing homework after school, allowing them their own creative workspaces, while not taking up any additional space either. For now, they are using the area to play and as a reading nook at night.

His and his space
The best part? City Furniture delivered the bedroom sets AND installed them. Phew, because ain't nobody got time for that, lol. Such a relief. It took the professional moving team almost two hours, but they handled everything even taking the boxes and wrappings with them.

Overall, I think the end result looks sophisticated, yet still magical for my boys. It met all my requirements - quality, functionality, and creativity.

Bonus, my boys are eager to go to bed each night now!

What do you think???

Southwest Florida City Furniture Showrooms

There is a City Furniture Showroom in Fort Myers (near Gulf Coast Town Center) and in Naples, as well as throughout Florida. You can also view their collections Online. 


Peel-and-Stick LEGO Baseplates
Like most boys, mine are obsessed with LEGO bricks. So, I ordered Peel-and-Stick Baseplates for my boys' upgraded bedroom. They are so easy to apply too. Instead of lying them on a flat surface, I put them on the sides of their bookshelves for some vertical building, thus allowing their furniture to have more than one purpose. Totally made me look like an expert DIYer to my kids too!

For a more customized and moldable look, we are now adding Mayka Tape for Lego lovers to the sides of their desk, underneath it for upside-down creations and pretty much anywhere they can stick it, lol. Fortunately, it comes off easily too and is non-marking. It's also more flexible than the hard base plates and comes in nine different colors.

Pillow Pets

Besides their love of LEGO bricks, my boys are also obsessed with Disney/Pixar's Cars, which you can probably spot in their bedroom too. To go with their new room, we added these awesome Lightning McQueen Pillow Pets, which are a plush toy and pillow in one.  Great for boys!
They also have an edition that light's up and projects stars.

Disclaimer: I was provided a portion of the City Furniture pieces for free in exchange for my honest review. I paid the overage for the additional loft set, delivery and installation fees and received no other compensation.


  1. Those bunk beds are too cute! I love the transition looks, their bedroom looks great and I love that dark wood color.

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  3. I love bunk beds! They're practical, and don't take up a lot of space. I like the DIY Lego wall!

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  5. Oh my goodness. The bed is adorable. Such a hip and trendy upgraded look. Absolutely love it.

  6. I always loved switing my kiddos bedrooms over to the bigger kid ones altough so bittersweet. They always had so much joy out of it. Such a great space! - Jeanine

  7. My guess is that your boys adored this! I do! It really changed up the feel of the room.

  8. I am really in love with the loft style beds. I need to do something like this with my kids rooms.

  9. These are so practical and stylish. Each boy has his own space to sleep, play and study. I really like these multipurpose loft style beds. They are such space savers.

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    Thrifting Diva