Fashionable One-Piece Bathing Suits Under $30

Even before kids, I've never been one for a bikini, preferring one-piece suits that can both lift and suck me in, lol.

Finding flattering and stylish one-piece bathing suits though hasn't been easy, especially reasonably priced ones. Fortunately, I've finally found ones that both flatter and won't kill your bank account! ....And let me state right off that this is NOT a sponsored post nor did I receive these bathing suits for free. Nope, I bought them all and for cheap!

These uber-cute and trendy one-pieces are sexy and all under $30! I love that they have peek-a-boo cut-outs and designs, fun patterns, allowing me to feel sexy and stylish, yet still covered too. It's a great balance.

Even better, you can order via Amazon, so super easy and returnable.

Neon Mesh One Piece 

Only $27.99

Watermelon You Waiting For? 

What a sweet steal 🍉 for only $19.99! The fun pop of pink is so playful too. You'll look good enough to eat.

Cupshe Fashion One-Shoulder Swimsuit 

I love this color blocking, one-shoulder bathing suit. The cut-out sections are quite high so reveal the rib area and not your stomach. The material is ribbed and the white isn't see through either. It also has padding in the cups. I feel so fierce in it and yet not in a bikini or a boring one-piece either. 

Cupshe one-shoulder color-blocking one piece swimsuit

Cupshe Fashion Women's Double-Layered Padding One-Piece Swimsuit, Green

How fun is this twist knot in the middle? Again, the cut-out sections are quite high so reveal the rib area, not your stomach. Yet, still draws the eye. I also liked that I could tie it tighter in the back and the openness of the back for sunbathing too.

Cupshe Fashion Flowery Halter One-Piece Swimsuit Beach Swimwear Bathing Suit

First of all, halter suits that you can tie yourself are key for those with bigger boobs. This way, you can adjust and secure as needed. This suit also has padding in the cups for comfort and coverage. Despite the sweet flowery pattern though, this has a daring cleavage that plunges low! More daring than I've gone before and the open back just feels risky and sexy too. I did NOT take this one to the Disney resort, lol. No, I'm saving this suit for a beach day with adults.

Cupshe Flower Halter Bathing suit One Piececupshe flower halter one piece bathing suit

CUPSHE Women's in The Forest One-Piece Swimsuit 

I had bought a similar leaf print at the LOFT for much more and it wasn't as flattering either. Out of all these styles, this one provides the most coverage of the stomach area. There is an opening on the back, but nice and high. 

Retro Pineapple High-Waisted Halter Bikini Set

Wait, but this one is a bikini! Yes, but because it's so high-waisted it didn't feel like a bikini. It sits way over your belly button even and the top provides a lot of coverage as well. It was more like a tankini and it allowed me to be brave and bare a bit of my stomach without feeling self-conscious either. It was kind of liberating for me actually. I also liked the old pin-up 50s look of it and I love all things pineapple 🍍

Colorful Striped Bathing Suit 

Only $18.99 this colorful number, held in my tummy, but still shows some skin. The bottom portion is available in red, yellow, blue and other options. 

CUPSHE Women's Vintage Halter Design Stripes and Palm Leaves 

How cute is this one in terms of style, cut and design? It covers the entire stomach and the piece of skin that shows is above the rib cage. Also, the ties in the back let you make it as loose or as snug as you'd like, plus there are straps behind the neck too. 

A Behind-the-Scenes Blogger Moment, LOL

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Fashionable One-Piece Bathing Suits Under $30

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  1. You look incredible first of all! I absolutely love that halter one piece, looks fantastic and fun but still super flattering. Thanks so much for sharing :D