What to Do in New Zealand: Activities to Remember

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Have you ever heard of pohutukawa trees? No? Well, that’s not a bad thing. You haven’t been to New Zealand, so it’s understandable. This tree is native to only New Zealand, which is why you might not have heard of it. New Zealand is also home to numerous plant and animal species you might not have heard of, so if you are a rare plant person, New Zealand is a good place to spend the upcoming holidays.

Maybe you’re in New Zealand looking for new places to explore and new activities to embark on. Maybe you are not in New Zealand yet, but it is on your list of countries to visit soon. If any of the aforementioned situations speaks to you, then here is the next best thing for you: a well-curated list of activities to embark on in New Zealand. After all, New Zealand is home to golden coastlines, beech forests, and dizzyingly high waterfalls, all of which spark adventures in the hearts of extreme sports enthusiasts and other related people.

Get a comfortable seat, and let’s go through several fun activities in New Zealand.

Activities You Should Do When You Are in New Zealand 

Here are some activities to engage in in New Zealand: 

● Experience Maori culture 

One of several cultures' native to the region, the Māori (or Te Reo Maori, or simply Te Reo), have been in New Zealand since the fourteenth century when they supposedly came to by boats from East Polynesia. The Māori are the most popular of all native cultures in New Zealand, which is why many people travel from far and wide to learn about them and take-home Maori souvenirs and experiences.

A common activity of the Maori is the haka dance, which is largely performed as part of special events where the Maori are present. The haka is performed before the start of a New Zealand rugby game, a sport that the Maori have come to love and adopt as one of their own.

● Visit land-based casinos in New Zealand 

Another feature of New Zealand is its casinos, as you are sure to find several local casinos in New Zealand. In recent years, the government of New Zealand has passed laws that seek to protect its people from the harm and addiction of gambling. It has been a resounding success, as less than a quarter of the local population gamble for the money. Also, since the government is in direct contact with the betting companies, it makes gambling easier and more secure for the locals.

The pandemic ultimately made online casino gambling spread like wildfire, but many enthusiasts still flock to the real casinos every day today. New Zealand offers a vast and superb selection of land-based casinos to cater to the different types of casino players to enjoy. Be it a grand, picturesque-looking casino or a casino with the Las Vegas vibe, there are many casinos to pick from. Just ensure you play within the laws of the casino and New Zealand and gamble responsibly, and you are good to go.

● Relax on the beaches 

Stressed out from work and looking for the best place to get the best rest you have had in quite a while? New Zealand is the best place to be? Don’t believe it? Read on.

Arriving in Rotorua is probably the best way to get started, as this city is the cultural heart of the country. Need a hot dip when you are not playing at Christchurch Casino? Looking for a cultural experience? You have come to the right place!

For some obvious reasons, New Zealand locals have a laid-back vibe around them, which is what you should be looking to “catch” if you really need that rest. Armed with information from the locals, you are sure to get the best locations for hot pools, impressive and durable souvenirs, and the best beaches to sleep undisturbed. Just ensure you take sunscreen along.

● Explore the outdoors 

 Not everyone is looking to get some rest during their visit to New Zealand though. If you belong to this category, and the outdoors is pretty much your thing, then New Zealand has more than you can handle in one holiday. Hiking (and walking) trails abound all around the region, so get a good guide and start off early so you are not wandering a forest by dark.

There is also wildlife to explore, such as rare birds like the northern shoveler and the buff-breasted sandpiper. If you are lucky, you might see kiwis in their natural habitat, the birds associated with the region. If you are one for the sea, you can jump on a boat to see some whales, dolphins, and other sea fish and animals. You could also get an expert sea guide and go kayaking.


New Zealand offers you the experience of a lifetime! From superb-looking forests and heights to see the country from, to pushing your luck in the land-based casinos littered around the region, there are just about enough activities to keep you active till it is time to leave New Zealand. Plan your trip accordingly, and you are set for an experience you will never forget!

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