Escapades from Sin City

Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Free Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.usWhat do you get when you visit Vegas with 25 female friends from across the country? Trouble ... and lots of fun.

Being in Cali, I was able to drive to Vegas for our annual meet-up this year (the destination always changes). On the way, three of us rode the Desperado at Buffalo Bill's casino in Primm, Nevada. For a non-upside down roller coaster, that thing was definitely moving and it was also a pretty long ride.

Thanks to my mom's awesome beverage connections, we made the most of the nightlife. We were able to go into the hot nightclub Tao, VIP and for free without waiting in line, that's a lot of people trying to skip the line too. Lynn, who works there met me at the door, asked which one of us was Tara and then bam we were there dancing among the naked women in tubs and partying with Nick Lachey (who I actually spoke with before back when he was with 98 degrees and filming a Christmas special for QVC), his new girl Vanessa Minnillo, Mike Tyson and Dennis Rodman. Well, we didn't really party with any of them this time, but they were in the same room, so that counts. I kept seeing Nick and Vanessa, it was her birthday and the DJ gave her some bday shout outs. Check out her birthday invitation for her party. NBA's rebel, Rodman, meanwhile, was there without his shirt on and also broadcasting comments from the DJ booth. I didn't see Tyson (or want to), but apparently he was there too.

The following night we had dinner at Rum Jungle and saw Mamma Mia. It was my fourth time seeing the musical, but each time has been at a different theater: London, Broadway, Providence and now Vegas. This was my least favorite production of it though :(. After the 10:00 p.m. show we all went to The Foundation Room lounge at the top of Mandalay Bay where we were staying at. The music was old school, but we had bottle service in a private room and the views from the balcony are awesome even after the second time being on it. The balcony is also where they filmed the lights going out on the strip in Ocean's Eleven. We didn't spot any celebs at this club, but had fun dancing with some Marines.

As for gambling, I fought the craps tables and the craps table won. Although, I did prove how I got my gabling nickname of "hard eight" and rolled two fours, which gives 10-to-1 odds. I just had a $5 chip on it though, so made only 45 bucks on the roll and then proceeded to loose it.

We also spent a luxurious day at Mandalay's spa facility. While I was getting a 25-min aromatherapy massage, the esthetician who kept commenting on my tiny feet and hands, let me select a preferred oil scent from a line of bottles all under the brand name "Tara!" I was torn between the Balancing Tara and the Love Tara, lol. I went with balancing and would have bought a bottle for home, but it was retailing there for $39, while on the Tara Spa home page you can get it for only $21. I think I might order one or at least get their Tara candles for the novelty of it.

After saying goodbye to the real city that never sleeps, it took a day and a half for my voice to recover from the fake casino, smoke-filled air and yes from screaming at the clubs and drinking. My friend Karen and I call it our Smelly Cat voices from that Friends episode.

Here are some photos ... the ones that I can share at least

view from The Foundation Roomwe are laughing because random tourists stopped to take our photosFree Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.ustopFree Image Hosting at

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