Side Hustles for Moms

I was making six figures at Disney and WWE and my identity was so tied to my career that after my twins were born, I felt lost.

So, I looked for ways that I could still contribute financially, pursue my passions, but still have the amazing opportunity to be home with my boys. Thus, the side hustle.

Here are some of the many ways that moms can make money with side hustles without sacrificing time away from their children.

Side Hustles for Moms to Make Money From Home

1. Direct Sales - 

From Usborne children's books, Stella & Dot clothing or Color Street nails, which is what I do. The best part of direct sales moms can network with other moms for sales and tap into their online communities. When I first moved to Southwest Florida, I especially benefitted from meeting other women this way and it was also fun to get out and do the occasional vendor event too.

TIP: Just be sure and find a company that you feel passionate about and personally use.

2. Tutor & Teaching Tools  

If you have an educational background or are a home school mom, you can always tutor from home or teach kids in China via Skype with VIP KID on your own time. You can also sell your lesson plans and learning tools at

3. Social Media Managers & Virtual Assistants 

If you’re social media savvy, lots of local companies don’t have the time to maintain their social channels and are looking to outsource this marketing portion. I managed a few over the years and it was fun posting and helping them grow.

These same businesses need admin and organizational help as well, thus Virtual Assistant jobs.

4. Get Crafty 

If you’re a DIYer you can sell your goods on Etsy or in Facebook groups. I just bought homemade Elderberry Syrup from a mom in my community through Facebook.

5. Write a Book 

This obviously took some time, years actually, but I’d write and edit at night when my kids were in bed and now I have three award-winning romance books on Amazon.

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