Tips for Attending a RISE Weekend Conference

RISE x Fort Myers is a 3-day personal growth women’s conference created and led by author, mom and digital mogul Rachel Hollis (Girl, Stop Apologizing, Girl, Wash Your Face).

RISE Weekend is an event where women from every walk of life can come together to be inspired, supported and enveloped in a community. I attended RISE x Ft. Myers at Hertz Arena, but there are upcoming events in Toronto, San Diego and London too.

Tips for Attending a RISE x Weekend Conference: Toronto, San Diego, London, Fort Myers, Dallas

Bring an Empty Water Bottle 

Thankfully Sis got you covered with water stations galore to refill your water bottles and keep you hydrated during the 3-day conference. Oh, and the funny decals that read, "Drink the Stupid Water!" are priceless, lol. So, fill up! I'm terrible about drinking my daily H20 so this was appreciated and it didn't cost extra either.

Dress for Yourself ... and for the Instagram Photo Opps 

I know Rachel says you should dress for you, not her or others, but there are dozens of uber fun photo stations and backdrops throughout the conference, inside and out and I'm glad I didn't look like a scrub in all my pics. I went with a lightweight cotton dress from Lands End, which incidentally got me a compliment card and other queens asking where I got it. Score!

Pack Tissues

I don't know about you, but seeing someone cry or when I hear their voice crack, causes me to tear up. Plus, the inspiring and sometimes sad stories and poignant moments will make even the least sensitive person cry. Thus, the one tissue that I had stuffed in my pocket, practically incinerated by our lunch break. Day 2 though I was better prepared.

Check the Bag Policy 

The Fort Myers Hertz Arena has a strict clear bag policy and I'm glad I knew that going in. However, some girls didn't. Fortunately, the RISE swag bags at check-in were clear for this reason. The RISE website had this information ahead of time listed, so be sure and double-check for your RISE Weekend's venue.

Pack These 3 Things 

Blogger, Elaine at suggests you bring the following three items to the conference each day:

1. A pen (I color coordinated based on different speakers)
2. A light jacket: many conferences are in arenas that have ice under the floor. It gets chilly. They also like to blast the AC.
3. Your lanyard: this seems silly, but it is literally your only way into the conference once you have registered. Please don’t accidentally leave it at the hotel or home.

You better move, you better dance 

Be prepared to dance, jump and scream. I like to dance, but not when forced or maybe not on demand, however, I tried to be in the spirit and enjoy the fun music and overall energy of the room. However, I wish I was better prepared for that, lol. Hopefully, now you will be!

Go to the Shop Early

The first morning there was a line out the door to get into the pop-up shop. So, I went during the wrap-up of the first session, just before everyone was fleeing to the bathrooms and got there before the crowd. I had time to browse and scope out what I was going to get, however, I made the mistake of being wishy-washy and not buying the stickers and the water bottle I wanted. By the time, I went during the next break all the fun stickers and the yellow water bottle were sold out. Thus, go before a break and if you see something, buy it!

Be Ready On Time

If you want to see the start of the conference, don’t believe the rumor that they will not start on time!

"I did and I missed out on the first warm-up and Rachel coming out on stage for the first time and I was so bummed! Although they do start the days on time, know that Rachel tends to go over on time at the end of the day, so book your flight to go home as late as possible if you have to leave after the conference." -- Talia @takeoffwithtal 

Pre-Register the Night Before 

RISE x Ft. Myers offered a two-hour pre-registration the night before the conference began. I'm so glad I went then. Yes, the lines were still long, but the following day I already had my badge, had studied the agenda and was able to just walk in carefree.

Look Down & Around

There are signs everywhere, even under your feet, so look down and catch some sayings of inspiration or just general cuteness. There are even motivational stickers in the bathroom.

More Tips for Attending RISE Weekend 

My friend Eat Drink and Save Money shares her tips and the reasons why it's worth going to RISE. 

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