Before & After: Curb Appeal

I've been reading a lot of articles on how to add "Curb Appeal" to your home and almost all of them say to paint your front door a bright/bold color or to re-paint your house/renew siding and trim (Better Homes & Gardens - 20 Ways to add Curb Appeal).

First step, I see a black door and I want to paint it red (see what I did there by flipping the colors in the Rolling Stones song? I've been singing it all week ;).  I hated the uninviting black entryway to our place, so instead, selected a warm reddish/orange Smoldering Red paint from Benjamin Moore to repaint the door. For extra warmth, I also added a nice harvest autumn wreath from ProFlowers for the upcoming Halloween and Thanksgiving holidays.

Secondly, we weren't about to paint or reside the entire house though. However, Raphael bought a strong pressure washer and gave the siding a good clean. And voila, what was thought to be a grayish color siding was revealed to have more of honey/beige hue once cleaned properly and awakened by a different colored front door.

We then planted some bushes to frame the door and for under the first-floor window, which really livened things up.

And lastly, per the above 20 recommendations, we also added in solar path lights down our driveway to illuminate our entryway further at night. They work really well, I was impressed and thankful we didn't have to do any wiring. In fact, it only costs $17 for 8 lights on Amazon.



All of these inspirations can be found on my Pinterest House Ideas board too.

PS: oh yeah, we bought a house! :-D With double trouble on the way, we needed more space than our apt will allow. We move in next week and with 5 weeks left to go, not a moment too soon.


  1. It looks great! Very DIY of you two!

  2. oh congrats on the house, it's so cute! and love that red door!