Anemia, the joy of twinning

I was recently told by my doctor that I've become anemic. Apparently, your iron requirements go up significantly when you're pregnant and the risk is even higher if you're pregnant with more than one baby. As a result, I was told to take an over the counter iron supplement in addition to my pre-natal vitamins.

I wasn't excited to hear this news since I know iron can constipate and be hard on the stomach. When I went to my local CVS I was then presented with over a dozen different options. However, instead of going with a cheaper generic pill, I chose Feosol® Complete with Bifera® with HIP & PIC iron, which minimizes harsh side effects and doesn't require additional vitamin C for absorption. And...surprise, surprise, I haven't experienced any discomfort, phew!

Even when not pregnant, iron is vital for maintaining energy levels and good health. In fact, over 7.8 million women in the United States are iron deficient and can result in feeling weak and fatigued, which is how I sometimes get normally, so I wonder if I'm anemic when not pregnant too. So, I'll have to get tested post-partum too. Either way, I'm just glad it won't be too big of an inconvenience thanks to this supplement at least.

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Disclaimer: I was already taking Feosol when contacted by their PR representative for a blog review, however, I have since received an additional complimentary 30ct bottle to continue my routine. All opinions are my own though.


  1. What great timing to come across this! I just was diagnosed as anemic too and I had no idea what iron supplement to try because I was worried about side effects. Now I'll have to try this! Thank you!

  2. Trina - Oh good, I'm glad I could help. Definitely, go with Feosol, it's worth the price. I picked up my bottle at CVS.