Top 5 Sporting Events To Add to Your Bucket List

Let's get ready to rumble! Here are some of the most impressive sports events around the world, which you simply must-see. These games and competitions may look great on the TV, but that is no substitute to living and breathing the action from the sidelines. So, if you love to combine travel with other fan interests, and to those of you out there who adore sports, these are some of the events which you should be adding to your bucket list.

Super Bowl - Feb. 12, 2023 

 American Football fans the world over tune in for the NFL’s biggest event, the Super Bowl. The sheer razzmatazz surrounding this event is spellbinding and actually being there takes things to a whole new level. Tickets aren’t cheap and in order to get your hands on them, you need to be at the ready when they are released. The 2023 game will be played in Las Vegas, the perfect city to indulge your fandom and have one of the greatest weekends of your life.

FIFA World Cup - Nov 21 - Dec 18, 2022 

The coming together of nations from around the world to watch their teams battle it out is an incredible experience that you will never forget. Even if you cannot make the final itself, given the scarcity of tickets, catching any game at the FIFA World Cup finals is well worth doing. The next event takes place this year in Qatar, but if you can’t make it then get saving for 2026, which will take place across the US and Mexico.

Wimbledon - Jun 27 - July 10 

Wimbledon is widely considered the home of tennis and its lush grass courts are revered by tennis players and fans the world over. This event takes place each year in London, where attendees indulge in the classic strawberry and cream dessert and watch some of the world’s best players as they take to the grassy courts of one of the world’s oldest tennis clubs.

US Open at Augusta - June 16 - 19 

Golf fans can catch any number of tournaments across the world, but there is just something so special about the U.S. Open. This takes place at Augusta each year, which is situated in Georgia. This course has some of the most iconic holes anywhere in the world and there isn’t a golfer in the world who wants to miss out on this prestigious event, which has been one by legends of the game for many years. For more golf events and golfing tips, be sure and visit my favorite golf website.

Tour de France - July 5 - 26 

Getting to see the Tour de France will only cost you your flight and board, as the event takes place right on the streets of France. Each year world’s greatest cyclists take on a grueling challenge through rural routes and cityscapes, with the race culminating in the French capital Paris. This is a great way to explore the country and catch the most famous cycling event on the calendar.

Which is the sporting event that makes it on your bucket list? 

I know Raphael would like to attend all of the Tennis Opens as part of his bucket list. He's attended the US Open several times, but not Wimbledon, France Open, Australia, etc.

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