6 Unusual Things to Do on Your Trip to the UK

If you ask someone who has traveled to the UK for vacation about their favorite spots, chances are high that you’ll hear Big Ben and Buckingham Palace every time. This is normal and everyone who visits the UK must visit these iconic places too, but if you have more time, there are so many more unique places to see.

If you want to have a unique experience and get the most out of your hard-earned money, you’ll have to explore more uncommon things to do in the UK that many others overlook.

From spooky cemeteries to Harry Potter Studio, there are quirky attractions that will appeal to tourists from all age groups. If you’re up for the challenge and want to explore the more quirky side of the UK, you’re in the right place. 

Here are the top unusual things to do on your UK trip.

Have a Drink at the Wonky Pub 

The Wonky Pub is a unique bar just outside of Birmingham that everyone must visit at least once. The town of Dudley, which is located just outside Birmingham is home to the Crooked House, an old building that feels like it’s being swallowed up by the land.

The Crooked House was condemned as unsafe in the 1940s and was all set to be demolished. However, Wolverhampton along with Dudley Breweries came to the rescue. They secured the bar with crossbeams that rendered it safe for visitors.

The place has been done up to shock and awe the visitors. The interiors have been designed in a way to give a feel of gravity-defying interiors. Visitors are greeted by marbles that are rolling upwards and glasses sliding on leveled tables. And since Dudley weather is partly cloudy year long, it’s always drinking weather.

Check Out London’s Neon Haven 

No visit to London will ever be complete without a visit to the God’s Own Junkyard located in the Ravenswood Industrial Estate, Shernhall Street. The place is marketed as a merchandise shop and is home to the largest assortment of antique neon signs in the United Kingdom.

The late owner of the shop, Chris Bracet was known as the neon man and has created neon signs for notable Hollywood directors. His clientele included the likes of Christopher Nolan, Tim Burton, and Stanley Kubrick. Additionally, Bracket is also known for collecting and installing iconic neon pieces from notable movies like Eyes Wide Shut. Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, and Batman.

Puffin Spotting on the Northumberland Coast 

Puffin - depositphotos.com 

The UK has enough wildlife for tourists to enjoy during the season. However, nothing beats the sight of breeding puffins. If you want to catch the rare sighting of puffins breeding, it’s best to head to the Northumberland Coast. Every summer over 150K pairs of puffins migrate to Northumberland Coast to mate.

Additionally, during the summer season, UK’s grey seals are often spotted sunbathing on top of the rocks. If you’re lucky, you might witness the biggest group of grey seals resting. To be able to witness puffin mating and the seals up and close, tourists can book a boat ride along the coast.

However, the British summer is not always sunny and balmy. So if you are going on an adventurous route to spot wildlife, make sure to check the current weather on this radar before starting out. It will help you plan what gear to bring along.

Witness the Northern Lights 

While over on the Northumberland Coast to witness puffin breeding, factor in a night stay at the island. Step outside after dark to witness the magnificent Aurora Borealis right above your head.

If that’s not enough to convince you, the fact that Northumberland has clearer skies than Norway and Iceland, means you can witness the Aurora better than anywhere else.

Visit the Museum of Brands

The UK has more than 250 galleries and museums for tourists to visit but that’s not the assignment. The Museum of Brands is what fits the assignment to the T as it’s a museum that’s as unique as it gets. As you can tell from the name, the museum is all about brands.

The Museum of Brands has 12,000 staple products on display but all in their earliest packaging. You’ll be able to see people’s favorites like Kellogs, Oxo, and airy in their early packaging on display.

Be Spooked at the Gallery of Heads 

This is as unique as it gets on a trip to the UK. The St Leonard's Church Crypt is home to an ossuary, which means a house bones holding the UK’s largest collection of human skulls and bones.

The church itself is located in the coastal town of Hythe in Kent. It overlooks the English Channel towards France. Looking at the location, no one can guess that the church is hiding a sinister collection of more than a thousand skulls.

These were just some of the quirky and unique experiences to have when in the UK.

What's your favorite off-the-beaten-path must-see in the United Kingdom? 

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