Five dishes you have to try when visiting China

When it comes to travelling around the world, China is a go-to option for many people in need of a cultural experience. One of the most appealing aspects of visiting China, alongside its innovative technology and remarkable architecture, is its cuisine. In fact, globally, people adore Chinese food making it a popular option for many when opting to eat out. 

What we have in the western world isn’t necessarily authentic Chinese cuisine, though. Many popular dishes from China have been adjusted for the tastes of people outside of the country, therefore presenting holidaymakers with a culinary adventure when holidaying in this part of the world. Of course, favorites like duck and crab, both of which are featured in the Chinese Kitchen slot at, can be sampled in China, but they might be prepared or even taste slightly different to what many people visiting the country are used to. In order to enjoy Chinese food in all its glory, though, it’s certainly worth venturing to the country where it originates. But with so many traditional treats to try, let’s assess five of the tastiest on offer. So, without further ado, below is a look at five dishes well worth trying when on vacation in China.

Ma Po tofu 

Particularly popular in Chengdu, Ma Po tofu is from Chuan Cuisine and is steeped in history. A warming dish that consists of beancurd and some minced meat in a spicy sauce, it’s a favourite that was created by a Chinese grandmother which grew in reputation before becoming the delight that it is today. If you’re into fragrant cuisine with a spicy kick, then Ma Po tofu will be right up your street. 

Peking roasted duck 

A famous dish that originates from Beijing, Peking roasted duck is truly delicious and is a familiar dish that has found world fame. Best enjoyed in China, though, it is famous for its thin and crispy skin, with people packing it into a pancake and then topping it off with a memorable topping of either sweet bean sauce or soy sauce with mashed garlic. If it has been good enough for government officials and people in power since the 1970s, then Peking roast duck is most definitely good enough for you.

Hot Pot 

An incredibly popular treat in the country, hot pot is essentially a simmering pot of soup stock on a gas/induction hob that is typically placed in the middle of the dining table. From there, diners can add and cook whatever they fancy in the broth. A popular choice for most is slices of meat and a variety of vegetables, all of which pair beautifully with the broth. A winter warmer, hot pot is an interactive dish that immediately gets people talking.

Dim Sum

Dim sum can be enjoyed practically anywhere in the world, but like many traditional dishes, it’s best to eat it in the place where it was first created. A Cantonese favourite, dim sum originated in Guangzhou city and is usually consumed for breakfast or lunch. A light treat to savour, it typically contains small but tasty dishes of either rolls, cakes, dumplings, meat, seafood, dessert, and more. In fact, there are over a thousand dum sum dishes in the modern world, highlighting its extensive choice and all-round popularity.

Char Siu 

In need of some roasted deliciousness? Then look no further than char siu, a dish that is truly comforting, especially with the addition of some rice or noodles, or even packed inside a tasty stuffed bun. Make no mistake about it; char siu is best enjoyed in China.

5 dishes you have to try when visiting China

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