I'm a mom and a medical cannabis user

While I've shared this on my social, I haven't here on my blog, so I'm finally doing so. 

I am a proud Florida medical cannabis user and want to share my experience. After all, it's just a plant and a more natural treatment than pharmaceuticals, yet, taking prescribed pills is normalized, but not doctor-prescribed marijuana. How does that make sense? 

Although medical cannabis has been legal in Florida since January 2017, there are still many misconceptions about this natural medication that’s been used medicinally for thousands of years. The truth is, it’s much safer than conventional pharmaceuticals and is legal in some form in more than half the country. I've had my State ID card for almost three years now. 

Medical cannabis is effective, safe, affordable and accessible treatment that can be used to treat pain, inflammation and sleep deprivation. Prescription medications have numerous side effects that compromise your health in exchange for temporary relief from pain. But with marijuana, there’s no such thing as getting too high—and most importantly, it won’t kill you. Studies also abound on its ability to treat seizures, pain, nausea and many other ailments with zero fatal overdoses ever reported.

The funny thing is that I never smoked recreationally growing up or ever and now I'll use some form of legal cannabis whether it's an HHC vape pen, edible or flower on a nightly basis. 

A mom's story of medical cannabis

A mom's story of medical cannabis for anxiety and sleep

Why I Decided To Start Using Medical Cannabis:

As an author and mom, Medical Grade Cannabis helps support my sleep at night, so I’m rested and focused while raising my twin boys and writing. I’m happier and pharmaceutical free and it feels great, all thanks to a plant! I’m a better me and I love that Florida dispensaries provide a safely cultivated and trusted option to cannabis products prescribed by my own doctor. I’ll say it again ... it’s just a plant that comes from our earth 🌱 

Overall, it has helped me with anxiety, depression, and sleep, plus there aren't the unpleasant or dangerous side effects of opioids. Previously, I tried Zoloft for a couple of months and didn't like the fact that I was taking a pill or losing my train of thought during the day. 

You can also start with over-the-counter CBD solutions too, to see if it relaxes you and provides other benefits. For more, check out my CBD Guide for Moms - Hemp Beuty and Wellness

Does this make me a stoner or a bad mom? 

No. It's no different than the parent who chooses to self-medicate with a bottle of wine, prescribed pills, etc. Medical Cannabis is simply a natural alternative to prescription drugs. It's whatever works for you, so don't judge another person's solution. Am I a stoner now though? Kinda, lol. 

Am I afraid my children will find out or get into my stash?

Nope, because I never medicate when they are present or awake. They have seen me go to a dispensary though and I was honest and told them that I'm picking up my medicine, it's the same as going to a pharmacy. 

I also store my products in a StashLogix case that is locked with a code. It's pretty stylish too. However, a couple of times they did find some ashes out on the porch and I said it was from a candle, lol. 

How Do I Get Medical Cannabis In Florida?

Once you have your MMJ card, it's as easy as walking into a pharmacy, but instead it's a dispensary. 

It's very professional and the "bud tenders" are usually knowledgeable and helpful no matter what your level of experience. You can even select your products online and have them ready for pick-up, but I like browsing and asking questions before committing to an order. Some locations offer home delivery too. 

For me, I use Indica gummies, pre-rolls or flower at night for sleep and body numbness, and the occasional Sativa vape during the day for anxiety so when I'm stressing or before a blogger event. 

Here are my favorite Florida medical marijuna dispensaries and products:

Cannabist (formerly Columbia Care) - I find their flower really pure and their staff knowledgeable and helpful. They have made recommendations that helped me find the right products and dosage. I especially enjoy their Grandaddy Purple and Terpanado strains of flower, their Chocolate Drops and Chews with Azuca Infused and their vape pens (not as smoky or fumey as others). 

Curaleaf - This is the first dispensary I went to and they make it easy to discover new products. I enjoy their Pre-Rolls.

MUV - I like their Fruit Chews with CBD. Their Vapes weren't my fave though. 

Fluent - Their stores are very modern. I really like their OG Blueberry, which comes in pre-roll glass pipe. However, their gummies did not work for me. 


Fun fact: George Washington grew hemp at Mount Vernon as one of his three primary crops.

I also talk about my journey in the following 26 minute WeedSpeak Vibecast. Take a listen:

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