Ideas to Turn Your Home Into Your Favorite Vacation Destination

The main reasons people go on vacation are for either relaxation or for an exciting, new experience. Although not many views can beat those of the exotic waters surrounding the islands of Seychelles, that doesn’t mean your home should not feel like a dream destination. Some of the perks of being on vacation can be easily enjoyed at home if the surroundings and the atmosphere are right. 

Here are a few ideas on how to easily revamp your house so that you can create a welcoming environment for relaxing vibes.

Organize Themed Evenings In 

One of the best things about going away is being able to attend various parties and events. Whether they are organized by the resort you are staying at or in a nearby club or restaurant. However, who says your living room space can’t be transformed into a Hawaiian beach bar, or become the host of a wine tasting experience similar to those in Tuscany? 

Another exciting idea involves turning your kitchen into a bar area and your living room into a fancy casino. All the people living with you could join in, if not, you can even play it online with your friends. On BonusFinder, for example, you can find online casinos that work with a minimum deposit, so that everyone that decides to play can try out various options. Then, once everyone is happy with their choice, the casino-themed night can begin. 

Update Your Inside Decor to Feel More Like a Resort 

If it’s too hot or too cold to be spending numerous hours outside, there are plenty of other options to revamp the inside of your home to resemble a resort. 

  • Add some oversized wall art.
  • Give your walls the island treatment (there are now stick and peel wall options). 
  • Go big with houseplants (real or fake).
  • Use crisp white linens (I'm all about Cozy Earth's bamboo sheets, providing the perfect sleeping temperature. It's a splurge, but worth it. I even bought a set for my mom. Get 45% off with the discount code CETARAS ).
  • Set up a bar cart (you can switch up with the seasons).

Focus On the Outside Space 

The most drastic vacation change you can make to your home is to completely redecorate the outside space. When it comes to the outdoors, you have two options. You can either focus on 
designing a patio for a dreamy outside oasis or on turning the backyard into various entertaining zones. Of course, if your budget and space allow, you can even do both. The bottom line is, if done with style, the backyard can easily become your favorite spot on your property. 

An outdoor area with tables, chairs, benches, or garden sofas, is very inviting for one of the best activities when going abroad - al fresco dining. Eating outside always feels like a getaway and, if you don’t want to cook, you can just order the food and enjoy it on your patio. Moreover, you could even install a hammock and turn it into a reading spot. Add a few cozy cushions, a blanket, and some lanterns, and it would invite you to reflect and relax.

Another idea if you're an outdoorsy type, you can transform the backyard into a campground with a fire pit, smores and tents. 

How to Turn Your Home into a Vacation Resort

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