Why Vacation on the Texas Gulf Coast?

Every year, according to Texas government figures, the Lone Star State gets 72.5 million visitors. Tourists flock to Texas for the sunshine, tasty and flavorful barbecue, cowboys, enormous landscapes and the beautiful coastline. Yes, it's not just plains and cities, but the beach too! 

Plenty of places to stay

Many people choose to buy their own holiday home on the gulf coast, and there is plenty of Texas land for sale if you want to set up your own vacation residence that you can visit time and again. It means you can build somewhere that is tailor-made for you.

Along the coast, you will also find some magnificent residences you can stay in that are pure luxury. There are numerous multimillion-dollar homes, but there are also plenty of charming and quirky beachside houses on the stretch where you can tumble out of your front gate and onto the shoreline. 

The gulf coast is driven by tourism, so you will find no shortage of hotels, B&Bs, and inns suitable for every budget too. There are also numerous places offering camping on the beach - just imagine waking up in the dunes with the fresh gulf breeze on your face!

The joy of the beach 

The Texas gulf coast, which is also known as America’s third coast, stretches 367 miles all the way from South Padre Island right along to the Louisiana border. This beach paradise meanders through wonderfully unique beach towns and charming seaside cantinas. You could easily spend the whole summer enjoying the coastlines and the soft, sandy beaches.

One of the most wonderful things about the Texas gulf coast is seeing wildlife in its natural habitat. If you head to North Padre island in the summer you can watch baby sea turtles hatch from their shells and make the epic 40-minute journey down the sand into the ocean. You will find fiddler crabs and blue crabs nestling in the tidal lands and muddy beaches and the majestic spoonbills. 

The sea is jacuzzi-warm in the summer months - the temperature will often be in the mid-80s. If you love watersports, the gulf coast is the perfect place to learn and practice, without worrying about getting cold. You will find plenty of kayaking and windsurfing options too. Fish, surf, or build a sandcastle at Bob Hall Pier. This beach spot features a parking area, car-free zone and picnic tables.

Great food and hospitality 

Bigger is always better in Texas and when it comes to hospitality, the gulf coast is the place to be. 

South Padre Island is home to the biggest beach bar in Texas - Clayton’s. If you want to sample a Pina Colada and some fresh seafood, then make sure you stop by for the grilled fish tacos. Shrimp ‘n’ stuff in Galveston is another great place for food - their po'boys will rival any Louisiana restaurant. The Texas gulf coast is famous for the delicious redfish, which is plentiful all year round. Freshly cooked, straight from the barbecue is the best way to eat it, with a squeeze of lime.

The Texas gulf coast is the perfect place for a vacation all year round. You will find the crystal-clear ocean, beautiful beaches, great food and a very warm welcome. Yee-haw!

Why Vacation on the Texas Gulf Coast?

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