Beach Vacation Home Makeover

As you might remember, we bought a 2 bedroom, 2 bath condo down in Naples, Florida that we've been refurbishing and decorating. Since we're looking for seasonal rentals and to use it in the off-season when we can, we had to furnish the place completely down to every utensil and cleaning supply.

In just two months, working both remotely and finishing up over this Thanksgiving holiday, we got the entire place painted, the tub resurfaced, a new front screen door and glass shower slider installed, the carpet and tile power cleaned and much more. My mother also helped clean the lanai windows extensively and Raphael put new knobs and hinges on the kitchen cabinets, which gave the kitchen a much-needed facelift. I also rummaged all the good consignment shops in the area for furniture, combed DIY tips and searched for the right final touches.

Since the condo is only 2 miles from the beach, I wanted to go kitsch with seashells and palm trees, while also staying modern and classy. Here are some shots of the wall art that I went with and other details too:

Now, without further ado, I'm proud to share our Before & After pictures:

Living Room Before & After:

Dining Room:



I even used palm tree contact paper in the cabinets!

Oh, and I found the wooden wine rack below for $5, but it was brown, so I spray painted it white. This was my first time spray painting anything and it's not as easy at it looks. I got paint all over me and it kept forming bubbles or dripping on the wood itself. I missed a few spots too, but it luckily gave it a vintage look that way. I don't know how taggers do it!

The Bedrooms:

What do you think?? We even created a website for our Southwest Florida vacation rental:


  1. That looks awesome! I think you've done a great job in fixing it up so it's much more modern, light, and airy.

    So...if we rent it, do we get a special TMB discount? ;)

  2. Thanks Nathan! Haha, yes, there's definitely a special TMB reader rate! :)

  3. Everything you've done looks fantastic! It has a very breezy feel! Great work!

  4. I looks great! I love the color schemes, everything is so bright and fresh and new. You did a fabulous job XOXOX

  5. Oooh, I really like your redecorating! It looks much more open, light and welcoming. Nicely done!

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