Most requested celebrities for plastic surgeries

Who is the most requested celebrity that women want to look like? According to Dr. Tim Abou-Sayed of Plastic Surgery of Palm Beach, it depends on what body part! Who do you think makes the cut? (pun intended).

"Angelina Jolie's lips are probably the most commonly requested facial feature in my practice - a result that can often be closely mimicked by judicious use of fillers like Restylane," said Dr. Abou-Sayed in an email interview with me last week. "Other popular lips are Jessica Alba's or Katherine Heigl's. Also, Halle Berry's cheekbones, J Lo's and now, Pipa Middleton's backside are very popular requests as well," he added.

I was curious of the age range for these kind of procedures and the doctor responded, "Typically, patients in their mid-20's to mid-30's request gluteal enhancements (Butt lifts, lips with fillers, etc.). Patients in the more mature years though are often interested in looking like Rene Russo, Raquel Welch, Michelle Pfeiffer, who are all aging so gracefully and beautifully. Jane Fonda is an example of a popular lady in senior years who has admitted to having a facelift, with a great and natural result, and many patients want that look."

I had to ask though, if he ever tells clients that a certain celeb feature just wouldn’t make sense for their face? For example, I have very thin lips, so can't picture those overly inflated Hollywood lips making sense for my small face anyway. To which he answered, "Yes, I sometimes have to tell a patient that the feature they are seeking will not fit well with their face, body frame, ethnic features, or health profile. Just because you can do something, that does not mean that you should."

Along these lines, Dr. Abou-Sayed mentioned that Ashlee Simpson seems to be a standard request for rhinoplasty that clearly improves the patient's aesthetics without changing their overall facial features or recognize ability. On the other hand, he brought up actress Jennifer Grey who publicly has made it known that she had a nose job, which despite being an attractive, aesthetic result, may have hampered her career because audiences did not recognize her. "So, even a good result must be judged in the context of the purpose for which a patient is seeking a cosmetic procedure," said Dr. Abou-Sayed.

It's not just women going for these celeb look-a-like surgeries though, but the numbers are smaller as only 8-9% of cosmetic surgeries in the U.S. are for males.

Which celebrity has the best features in his professional opinion?
"I have always thought Salma Hayek has natural beauty with curvaceous features without being unnaturally thin, with a gorgeous face and she is aging wonderfully. Among men, I think George Clooney is the new Cary Grant - the women want him, the men want to be him," said Dr. Abou-Sayed. Amen to the GC comment!

What are your thoughts? I was surprised by some of the celebs mentioned. Who is your celeb ideal? Mine has always been Jennifer Aniston, but as a whole, not broken down by body part I suppose.


  1. I, for one, am almost scared by Jolie's lips -- too much, too much! :) And so few faces would look good with those sorts of pucker pieces on them, so I'm surprised it is so requested.

    Ideal figures? There's so many for women, but I like ones like Julia Stiles, Gwenyth Paltrow, etc. Lithe yet womanly, if you will.

    Men, I agree with the GC comment, mostly. Any man that looks great in a suit and holds himself with a huge air of confidence is the one to emulate, I figure.

  2. @Nathan, Yes!! They freak me out as well. Nice choices as those women are more naturally pretty looking.

  3. Amen to George Clooney. And Angelina is Eddy's crush. I guess we both have good taste.

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  5. Well this one should not come as any shocker… If you were going to get your lips done, and you are a woman, who is the first celebrity you think of with great lips..