A black tie affair

The other week, I went to a beautiful black tie wedding for my husband's business partner and his wife at the Alpine Country Club in New Jersey. Below are some photos of the impressive touches including a towering wedding cake, a grooms cake shaped as a Patron bottle with a golf ball cork, massive flower arrangements and chandeliers for center pieces, monogrammed lights on all of the valances in the hall and golden tableware.


  1. I love, love, love the chandelier centerpieces! What a cool idea. Of course, you and Rafe are darling as usual. One of the cutest couples, evah!

  2. wow it's exactly how my wedding is going to look :)

  3. Incredible! Those sorts are so fun to go to. You and R look awesome as usual!

  4. Tara, you look beautiful! And I love that flower arrangement. I hope the music was good - that's always a tough element to get right.

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  6. So gorgeous! I love the special touch groom's cake and can't help but wonder if you were able to talk to people on the other side of the table - what with the fabulously huge centerpieces.

    Love you in blue, T!

  7. Waoo! very interesting... n too beautiful wedding party..!!!
    love it..!
    nice post :)