Decal Crazy

I seem to have gone decal crazy while decorating my new apartment.

First, for my New York themed bathroom (yes, my bathroom has a theme) I used an art applique of the New York Skyline ($39.99 on Amazon) to go across the top of my walls. It took some time to apply and have it all be even, but I'm quite happy with the result.

After the skyline decals were up, I couldn't help but think it looked familiar somehow. I then logged on to my blog to write this post and saw my site's header and banner and was like, oh yeah. It's just missing some pink and a cartoon me, lol.

To compliment the New York metropolitan theme I also added these decorative touches as well:
I also put up a window cling in our guest room of a bunch of tulips in a vase from Flat Flowers. Since this window can be seen by the apartments across the way, hopefully it will look as if I always have a fresh bunch of flowers on my windowsill. The brightly colored decal us also visible from both inside and outside and comes in seven different boquet designs-I also liked their poppy one. Apparently they are created and made in the Netherlands and are new to the US and Canada. They sell for $15 at OOTS.


  1. love that your bathroom has a theme! :) those flat flower decals would be perfect for my kitchen window where there isn't really a ledge to put real plants! :)

  2. I love the idea of decals. I'm still trying to decorate our house (we've been here 3 years already!) but I'm terrible with picking colors and artwork and all that. Maybe I'll give the decals a try!

  3. this is amazing post! i love that all...!!
    thanks for this nice sharing..!!!

  4. ooh that's so fun your bathroom has a theme and that the decal matches your blog, so appropriate.