Announcing Blogger Prom 2010

You might remember me blogging about last year's amazing Blogger Prom, well, once again I'm part of the committee putting on the 2nd Annual Blogger Prom!

Last year, the theme was awesome 80s, this year though I'm excited to announce that the theme will be "Hollywood Confidential." Think of the age of glam, film noir and femme fatales. The fabulous shindig will take place at the historic Yamashiro Restaurant in Hollywood on September 22nd for bloggers and their guests only. Invites to come.

Here is just one of the fun blog badges that I created for our new theme :)

I'll be writing of course about the party itself in September, but you can find out more on our Blogger Prom blog, Facebook page or on twitter at @BloggerProm!

Also, shout out to my fellow committee members:
Maya - Shop Eat Sleep
Esther - E*StarLA
Caroline - Caroline On Crack
Marni - Happy Go Marni
HC - LA and OC Foodventures
Lindsay - LAist
Natali - The Liquid Muse

You can see all of us Hurrell'd for Hollywood in our femme fatale mug shot portraits that we took here:
I was debating between these two era-esque shots that my friend and I tried to do, but ended up going with the second mysterious looking one.

What I'm not uploading are all the ones where I'm blinking, which was 75% of them, grr. It was fun vamping it up though and if you saw how much makeup I had on when it was in color, it then looks like a totally different kind of photo, lol.


  1. Hooray! So excited about this. Hope I can join in the fun!

  2. Me, too -- I would love to come this time!

  3. Very excited about this years theme. Hope I'll make tat invite list.

  4. Absolutely excited. Last year's Blogger Prom was great fun.

  5. sounds like fun

  6. One of the best parties I've ever attended. And I've been to a lot of parties. Keep me on the list, yo!

  7. woo wee! so excited i'll actually be here this year :)

  8. Would love to go! I already have the perfect dress.

  9. Can't wait! And I love Yamashiro. Good call.

  10. would love to go, just saw on your blog. love your pic, very George Hurrell :)

  11. Just found out about this today while having lunch at Homegirl Cafe! Laura from L.A. Story was talking about it. Would love to go and get glammed up. Even more excited to see the husband glammed up!

  12. So excited about this. Hope I can join in the fun!

    nice post ^^