GAP Born to Fit Party

Remember last month when I blogged about being selected to be a GAP Brand Enthusiast? Well, I did and on Friday after work I eagerly attended my own GAP Born to Fit jeans party at their 1969 pop-up store at 108 North Robertson Blvd in West Hollywood. The pop-up store is open to the public for a few weeks and has a wide selection of the brand's new "premium jeans," some are limited edition and others are only available online.

With over 25 of my girlfriends we sipped cocktails (I might have gulped tho), had some appetizers, took pics, video and most importantly tried on GAP's new line of designer-like jeans. Each of us were given a coupon for one FREE pair of jeans up to $69.50 in value, although some friends purchased additional pairs like me. I ended up going home with their Always Skinny in olive, a medium wash pair of their Curvy jeans and a charcoal Always Skinny riding jeans with silver buttons at the ankle. Although there was an adorable leather jacket that was as soft as butter that I wanted to buy too, but it was $289.

Here's a video from the awesome night where you can see the store, lots of jeans, bloggers and me being tipsy and taking requests for silly poses:


  1. Looks like SO much fun! Loved the video too.

    Brad Pitt is gay.

    "That's to be expected."


  2. I love that your party was at a pop-up store!! I guess my pop-up store was my apt :) Looks like you guys had a ton of fun!!


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  4. Actually, I ended up getting the Always Skinny in dark gray. Just to be accurate.

    Oh, and my eyes are closed in that group photo. Thanks, Tara.

  5. Haha I didn't end up getting the olive pants like YOU GUYS. I went with denim but same fit. ALWAYS SKINNY.

  6. This looks like such a fun event. Yay jeans. Thanks for the post!

  7. pop up store looks amazing.
    I didn't know the jeans came in olive!

  8. I'm buying the olive ones!

  9. i had so much fun at your party! seriously loved it. and love your video. you are hilarious.

  10. thanks for the invite and the wonderful party. I am getting my video together now and you are of course so much better at it than I am. I will be running your video and these great photos (how did I miss out being in any of those photos?) on my blog.
    It was great to meet everyone. The Gap store staff were awesome. Food was amazing. (chocolate dipped brownie truffle lollipops-- heavenly)

    Tara Rocks!