Cooking on the Wii with Chef Michael Symon

Despite hanging with online foodies and going to some awesome media dinners, I'm not the most up-to-date on the chef celebrities. I of course know the obvious ones like Gordon Ramsay, but I haven't watched many other food reality shows. Although, now that I've met Michael Voltaggio last week I do plan on watching this season of Top Chef. Anyway, for the latest blog event I was invited to join Iron Chef Michael Symon for an intimate cooking demo in honor of the upcoming Wii cooking game Cook or Be Cooked from the Food Network and Namco Bandai Games. I replied yes, because it sounded like fun and I because I have a Wii, but I had to google Michael Symon to find out that he is a James Beard Award-winning chef, an Iron Chef and the chef and owner of the restaurants Lola and Lolita in Cleveland.

In person, Michael was super dynamic, friendly and funny as he tried to cook up some chicken and broccoli stir fry quicker than the developer of the Wii game at the controls of Cook or Be Cooked. You can watch the cookoff in the video below and hear Michael provide some cooking tips and talk about Iron Chef:

Michael said the game is like a virtual and interactive cookbook, where you can learn how to do Food Network recipes and receive cooking tips like heating the pan or skillet for a bit before using it. The game comes out in November, sorry Michael Symom is not included.

You can spot me taking the above video in this pic:

Note: Our Los Angeles office does PR for Namco Bandai Games, but it is not one of my accounts and I had no part in planning this event.


  1. Wow damn I'm jealous. I wish we had cool stuff like that going on in Chicago! I love Iron Chef. Jealous!

  2. Ha, wonder if I will still burn stuff

  3. Looks like a fun time. What did the foodie bloggers thinks?