Today's delivery fills the Gap

When I got home today I was surprised to see a big package outside my door. The address label read Born To Fit, Gap 1969 Premium Jeans. I hadn't ordered anything from Gap and despite being addressed to me, my cat, Patches, thought the package was hers.

First she tasted the curly confetti that spewed out of the package when I opened it. She then investigated more and unearthed a blue striped canvas tote and discovered a welcome letter for me.

The letter read that I was selected to be a Brand Enthusiast for Gap and would be getting soe Gap goodies over the coming year. The first cool perk is that I get to throw a party for my friends with tons of Gap goodies including new Gap jeans "born to fit" before they're available in stores. So more to come on the party as I figure it all out. In this package though was bottle of Close perfume, the aforementioned tote, mini glosses and a white tee that reads "Born To" on the front and "Blog" in the back (yay, another blogger themed shirt for me to pack to BlogHer).
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