Workin' at the car wash

Did you know that washing your car at home uses about 116 gallons of water? So, when I heard about Lucky Earth waterless car wash, I thought it would be a fun eco-product to try out. I don't own a hose to begin with anyway and my car is always dirty.
My car's been so filthy that people have written notes on it from the collected dust and dirt. Sometimes it's me writing When Tara Met Blog though, lol. My first car always had messages scribbled on it by random people, but I was in college and going to the car wash wasn't on my list of priorities or in the budget. One time, someone wrote "Wash me, I'm dirty" on the back of my hood. I was annoyed and didn't want to give in to the mean-spirited people or clean my car. So, I simply wrote next to it "I like it dirty!" with a wink smiley face and drove around another week like that.

I digress, back to actually cleaing my Jetta for a change. Another green reason for me to use this Lucky Earth spray, is that it does not use harmful fumes, or toxic residues. Instead of water, this cleaner works with two reusable microfiber towels--one for buffing and one for scrubbing. The solution is made from organic coconut to break down dirt and contains water-soluble silicone, which captures dirt so it doesn't scratch your car. A 32-ounce bottle lasts seven to 10 washes and costs $14.99. You can buy it online or at a Whole Foods. They also sell a tire shine, but I haven't tried it. Next time.

Sure, it wasn't as easy as throwing buckets of soapy water on your car and quickly spraying it down, "but let me tell ya it's better that diggin' a ditch!" Sorry, I just had to throw in that Car Wash lyric. Anywho, yes, this earth-friendly way of cleaning my Jetta definitely required more elbow grease, but my car looked incrediably shiny after, like it just got detailed. I also spent a beautiful day out in the sun and felt pretty accomplished.




  1. The car looks great, Tara! I'm always a little suspicious of anything that traps the dirt on the cloth for an extended period of time because, as you say, of scratching, but they seem to have figured it out. Nifty.

    But -- I have to lament. If we go to something like this, how in the world is a guy supposed to get into a friendly game of hose-squirting with a pretty gal like yourself? Using a $15 spray bottle of stuff just doesn't seem as romantic. ;)

  2. Nice! Living in an apartment where we don't have access to a hose/water this is a great alternate solution.

    Thanks for sharing Tara.

  3. Wow! That's pretty impressive. Might have to look into that...

  4. I got my car two months ago on the 17th and haven't washed it. It seems that everytime I go to wash it it rains.