Drink pink

I'm not a big fan of sweet or white wines and I generally tend to dismiss Rosés as being too sweet for me. However, after attending a Rosé & Fromage Tasting at Maison 140 (a chic boutique Beverly Hills hotel), I realized that not all blush wines are sweet. In fact, one was too strong and peppery for me even. My favorite was the Jaboulet—Côtes du Rhône, Parallèle 45, 2008. It has a floral and cherry scent and although sweet and light it wasn't very sweet, but super refreshing and perfect for summer.

The tastings are available through the end of August, for $35 per person on Wednesdays from 6-9 p.m. I think it's a pretty good deal since you get to sip three Rosés from the South of France paired with artisanal cheeses, meats, fruits and breads at Maison 140’s chic, Parisian-inspired Bar Noir lounge. The black and red colored room is small and intimate with comfy French chairs and is perfect for after work drinks, a date or catching up with friends. Personally, I was there chatting it up with fellow Blogger Prom committee members and quickly lost track of time as my face became as pink as the drinks.
Oh, and before we drank the Rose's I had absinthe striaght for the first time. They poured the green colored liquor from a cool dispenser and over a sugar cube which then caught on fire and melted into the drink. It was quite strong and tasted like the licorice flavored Italian drink, Sambuco. My only other absinthe drinking was in New Orleans gulping down a grenade, which apparently has absinthe and lots of other stuff as you can tell by my hazy look in this pic.

You can also check out e*star's Flickr photo stream from the tasting too.


  1. Absinthe and fromage -- you're a French fiend now!

  2. Good lord that cheese looks good. And yes, I'd typically class Rosés as sweet as well, and I'm definitely a dry, bite-you-back wine sort of guy, but it's good to know there's lots of variety to be had.

  3. Ali - Mmmm indeed. Thx for commenting

    CT - oui ;)

    Nathan - sounds like we have the same taste in wines

  4. I had a great rose in London while on my honeymoon and I have tried to find it here, but I can not for the life of me remember which kind it was!

  5. Forget the wine, that huge wheel of brie has me drooling!! :)

  6. Pink wine and cheese!! Woohoo!

    Blogger Prom...can't wait!