Shopping with The Duchess

This Friday the movie The Duchess releases in theaters with Kiera Knightly, but last Friday my friend and I attended an advance screening and shopping event for the film.

On the Paramount lot in Hollywood, a handful of clothing and accessory shops were selling their wares before the screening started and Big Sugar Bakeshop, which my cupcake group has visited in the past was also there giving out free mini cupcakes. Although I was looking for a great purse or dress for myself, I ended up buying Raphael an expensive shirt from Terra, perfect for our honeymoon in Hawaii next week. Also, everyone received a free goodie bag of mark. makeup from Avon, which was pretty cool.

As for the movie, I really liked it, but I didn't think I would because I was tired of seeing Kiera in period pieces and I'm not a big fan of hers. She does something weird with her mouth, like she's wearing invisible braces or something. Anyway, I'll give her credit though, she was very good in this story, based on the life of Georgiana, The Duchess of Devonshire, the great great great great Aunt of Princess Diana Spencer, who was just as popular in her day for her political views, fashion and love affairs. I was quickly swept up in the oppression of the day, and can only thank the stars that I wasn't a woman back then forced to wear such uncomfortable clothes and to simply marry well for society sake and bare a son.

Back to the story though. Georgiana is trapped in an unhappy triangle with her husband (Ralph Fiennes) and his live-in mistress. Her loneliness causes Georgiana to fall passionately in love with an ambitious young politician (Dominic Cooper), and the affair causes a bitter conflict with her husband and threatens to erupt into a scandal, thus poor enslaved her. Basically, it's an historical soap opera really and although it was very enjoyable, I left feeling a bit depressed knowing that the story was based on real circumstances, but it was worth it. Also, the acting and lovely musical score is superb as is the hunky Dominic Cooper, see below:


  1. Hey -- I was there too! So what did you think of the cupcakes?

  2. I'm really excited about this movie! I just wish I had time to watch it!

    I've heard of Mark makeup. Lauren from The Hills endorses it a lot.

  3. this movie actually does look pretty cool and yay for free swag bags and cupcakes, always a plus.

  4. I am SOOOOOO...looking forward to this movie. I love period pieces and heart Keira Knightly :)