LA Cupcakes: Buttercake Bakery

Over the weekend I managed to squeeze in and arrange for another Los Angeles Cupcake MeetUp, this time at Buttercake Bakery (10595 W Pico Blvd). This westside bakery has coconut, peanut butter, mocha, buttercream, red velvet and chocolate cupcakes for only $2.00.

The owner, Logan Levant, purchased the bakery three years ago after being a loyal customer for years. So, one of those dream and it will come true bakery scenarios. Now, she is planning on opening a West Hollywood shop early next year, she said they are also testing out a green tea cupcake, yum!
What really impressed our members was their brownies (especially me), their lemon bars and an espresso cookie brownie. All were ultra rich and moist.

Fellow attendee Mildred Lowe says, " Although homemade like the ones I used to make, I still prefer the bigger butter cupcake with double frosting. I've been searching for the Best Lemon Bar though and this was the 1st Lemon Bar perfectly balanced sweet with no tartness. The Chocolate Espresso Cookie and Brownie were chocolatey with the right amount of sweetness. Maybe on the next visit I'll try the Banana Loaf and other goodies."

The shop itself was cozy with a couple of small round tables and cute wares.


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  2. It's hard to find a good cupcake even at the upscale cupcake shops. More often than not it's a lot of hype and hoo ha. They usually look purty tho