Wedding welcome bags

Those arriving for my wedding from out of town today, were in for a treat when they checked in at the hotel. Each received a Texas flagged gift bag with the following items inside:
  • An El Paso postcard
  • A water bottle with our names on it
  • Mexican cookies (biscochos)
  • Personalized chocolates
  • Tea bags saying "a perfect blend of love"
  • A Texas tin with nuts and
Thus, a little welcome package. Oh and also inside was an agenda of events for the next few days with a NY theme to represent me and where Raphael and I met.
For most of my friends and family this will be their first time in Texas, thus the theme of the bags. Hopefully it gets them all psyched to be here and for having traveled from New York, Florida, South Carolina, North Carolina, Los Angeles and Mexico City. Here's an image my future sister-in-law took, who helped me find the fun bags and most of the local items. (Thank you!)

Tonight, we have the wedding rehearsal and rehearsal dinner with about a 80 guests attending, thus a mini wedding before the wedding. We also hired a guitarist to play during dinner.

(Note: This blog post was pre-written before leaving for my wedding)


  1. The Texas Store is awesome! That's one of the first places I went when I visited family there and I was overwhelmed with all the texas SWAG.

    Have an awesome time :-)

  2. What a wonderful idea and very nice of you to do. I'm sure everyone loved it!

  3. aw those bags are so cute! i love it. and yay for your wedding, i can't believe it's here already. early congrats tara :)

  4. Those bags are a wonderful idea and I am sure that everyone will enjoy them.


  5. I know I spoke to you earlier today....but I did not see the TexBags!! how cute and I really am crying because I am missing everything...that I waited sooo long to go to!(! Good old Mother nature & God!)....As i write are already married to Raphael!!! I know it is super magnificant...and you both are in my thoughts and have a cocktail or two for me...oh and a dance!!!! love you both!!