An Ebleskiver pan

Don't worry I can't pronounce it either, but I received this Danish stove top pan for Easter.

Ebleskivers or Aebleskivers are light and fluffy balled up pancakes usually served for breakfast during Denmark holidays. The pan itself comes with seven holed out cavities, that you can fill with pancake mix. The hard part is flipping each ebleskiver over though. Once the bottom cooks and bubbles are popping through the wet dough, you have to flip them over with a fork. It took me awhile to do this without spilling the batter or burning the others as they waited for their turn to be flipped too, but in the end they came out pretty good.

I served the pancake puffs with powdered cocoa on top and with jam dipping sauces (raspberry and blueberry) on the side. I also ate one of them with regular maple syrup (the sugary Aunt Jemima kind since I hate the taste of pure maple syrup). Next time, I'll try experimenting with putting the jams directly into the pastries. All in all, it was pretty easy and unlike when making pancakes I didn't have to worry about knowing how much to pour or making lopsided ones.


  1. oh man those just sound delicious right now, yummmm.

  2. Mmmmmmm, so hungry at work.....

  3. You lucky duck. I saw an infomercial on this at the gym and was fascinated, especially when they squeezed in the chocolate/jams. Yumm! It really got me through my workout!

  4. Who gave you such a fab gift? Your Mom?


  5. Wow... Back home in India we have this for our breakfast. The pan that my mom used to use was made of cast iron and it was very old!
    This is so cool!