LA Cupcakes: Mrs. Beasley's

Founded in 1978, Mrs. Beasley's is popular for their fresh baked muffins, cookies, brownies and cakes sold via their mail order catalog, website and multiple retail stores througout Southern California. Three years ago though the bakery started making "gourmet cupcakes," says store manager Maridel Castro.

My bi-monthly LA Cupcakes MeetUp group headed to their Brentwood location in the charming Brentwood Country Mart (like a tiny Grove/Farmer's Market) last week. Their cupcakes are labeled "gourmet" according to the big sign on their window. They sell for $3.00 each, minis only $1.25 and include flavors like apple pie, blueberry, cherry, chocolate ganache and lavish lemon. I was surprised by their amount of choices and colors, considering they are more popular for their cookies than cupcakes. The icing on each cupcake is piled high (less so on the minis), but according to their tag line "it's all in the frosting." Although I'm not big on too much icing each flavor's icing tasted differently instead of the same whipped cream taste on all. Thus, the icing on the cherry and strawberry cupcakes tasted like strawberry and cherry and were quite good. The vanilla cupcake bottoms though were a bit dry or more like a real cake, however their chocolate bottom cupcakes were moist and tasty especially their orange chocolate sherbet cupcakes (my favorite). Other group members appreciated that the cake in the peanut butter cupcake tasted like peanut butter as well as the icing. Not the best cupcake shop in L.A. but I was pleasantly surprised by the pretty shop and tasty icing. It's especially perfect for gift basket giving and when you're at the nearby market.

We were also told that stars like Kelly Preston and Jamie Lee Curtis have been known to stop by. In fact, the manager said they usually get a celeb in each weekend after lunch.


  1. Mmmmmm.... cupcakes.


  2. Oh yum, those look delicious!

  3. Those are beautiful! And is that the remnants of a red velvet cupcake I spy? :)

  4. Love the cupcake plant. Adorable, and gosh, I feel some what inspired. Not to make a cupcake plant of my own, but to eat one!

  5. Le petit chic - Yes that is a very red velvet cupcake, good eye. I wanted to show how brightly the red contrasted with the white frosting (not cream cheese though).


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