The dog ate my homework

or in my case, an SUV ran into a fire truck. Sounds crazy, but it happened this morning in West Hollywood during my commute to work and put me a good 15 mins late.

Just the other week, I saw a car continue to plow through a light although we all had pulled our cars to the side of the road upon hearing the sirens in the distance. This car though kept right on and almost got side smacked by a fire truck. Did she think we were all moving out of the way for her? How could she not hear the sirens? She had to eventually when it beeped at her as it passed her passenger side. I would have screamed, it was like a beast zooming by at only a foot away from the passenger window.

I guess a similar dense person did the same thing today. When I passed by the accident all the firer fighters in their uniforms were taking photos of the SUV smashed into their truck. The driver must have tried to stop and swerve or something, since the damage wasn't too bad considering they hit a fire truck. I quickly snapped the following photo with my camera phone:

I shouldn't point fingers really, since I've hit non-moving objects and there was that time my dad had the bad luck of hitting a parked police car. *sigh* Luckily, he used to give the NY troopers free food at his restaurant, otherwise I'm sure he would have been in deep shit. We teased him about it for sometime all the same.
PS: First LA Snark listed my blog as #10 in their Top 50 Los Angeles Blogs, but now put When Tara Met Blog as #12 of 12! See what they wrote about my site at Blogging Los Angeles


  1. How cool about the exposure and ranking!

    Of course there is a Starbucks right there. Oh, America.

  2. Congrats on the about nod, that is awesome! Way to represent LA :)

  3. Wow! That is freaking awesome, chick! You rock!

    I hope flipped that chick who ran through the light The Finger. I hate those who use emergency vehicles as their personal Moses (as in parting the Red Sea of traffic). Ugh. Just hate them!