I sometimes feel a little out of it being three hours behind New York, but when it comes to watching the Super Bowl and The Academy Awards it's great being able to do stuff afterwards and not having to stay up until Midnight to see the end result.

Also being in the same city as the gala is pretty exciting. The annual Elton John AIDS benefit Oscar party is taking place at my office building, the Pacific Design Center. Last week the white tents went up in the courtyard and purple carpet was laid down inside it (I walked on that carpet and inside the main tent, since I refused to listen to the "exit closed" signs on my way outside for lunch and instead brazenly crossed through it).

The day before the big awards ceremony, I snapped the following photos while passing the Kodak Theater on Highland where they were busy setting up the red carpet:

As for this year's award show...I think the writers are rusty after their long break, because the jokes were just OK. The best part was the clip shows. Bring back Ellen, bring back Steve or the greatest--Billy Crystal!


  1. I never did get into the awards shows much. That said, I was working in HH's office the week before last and was just thrilled when I took a call from EJ's office with an invite to his party. My brief touch with great LA party fame - even if it only was his people calling HH's people which at that moment happened to be me - LOL.

  2. That's so cool the party is in your building....did you get to go?? Because that'd be sweet. :)

  3. I wish Katelin, but no I'm not cool like HH (above) ;) I would have settled for a gift bag even. Maybe next year! who knows?

  4. Hey thats so cool. So you went for the Oscars?



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