Man of the Year

Jason Taylor, this year’s NFL “Man of the Year” and the newest competitor on ABC’s Dancing with the Stars, came to my offices today. Our sister company represents him and he was meeting and greeting people in our kitchen. I can't say I knew who he was when I got the email about his appearance, but soon found out he plays for the Miami Dolphins. My boss being a U of Miami alum brought in a poster for him to sign and after seeing his photo online, I decided to bring my camera in too ;)

He was pretty nice and tall. Super tall actually at six foot six and the photo I took with him only emphasizes his height all the more. When he shook my hand his huge paw swallowed mine up, it was rather intimidating actually.

I had asked him if he was scared about being on the new season of Dancing with The Stars and he said he was very nervous and that he wasn't a dancer. I departed saying that hopefully he will be one soon. One of my colleagues claimed that I was blushing. No comment, but check out this photo of him and you'll be able to see why I would. He's getting my Dancing with the Stars vote!


  1. That's so cool. Glad he was such a nice guy, and he is so tall!

  2. This is so great, celebrity sitings! :o)

    And I realize this makes me freakish, but to me 6'6" is actually normal. My dad is 6'6", and my brothers are 6'5" and 6'7"... I'm the family shrimp at a statuesque 5'7" (plus another 4" in heels... and my "little" sister is still taller than me. Damn her genes!)


  3. I would lick him like icing off a cupcake.

  4. Who is this hunkalicious guy? He is GORGEOUS! I must google him now. I'm so jealous.

  5. Oh my goodness, how awesome!! Lucky girl :) And yeah, he is totally cute.

  6. I'm totally jealous. I love him. Karen is right, he is GORGEOUS! I just may watch DWTS just to see him. :)


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