Drip happens

Grab a napkin. Actually, grab a few. Beginning this week, Carl’s Jr. is adding two deliciously messy items to its menu--the Chili Cheese Burger and Chili Cheese Fries.

The California and Southern fast food chain is one of my PR firm's clients, so a group of us working girls decided to go out and try the new products for lunch. I'm a fan of their six dollar angus beef burgers as is and was eager to try their sloppy chili ones. Messy it was some of the chili even fell onto my open hand (luckily no clothes were stained)...

They have a commercial for the new chili burger, which will air during the Academy Awards so do look for it. I felt like the guy in the commercial with chili all over his face. And despite how gluttonous the food is, our intern commented that it definitely encourages one to work out afterwards, so that's good I guess.

We also shared their CapN' Crunch Shake, which tasted like a vanilla shake mixed with the CapN' Crunch sweetness found at the bottom of the cereal bowl.

Oh and on CarlJr.com they offer a printable $1.00 off coupon if you want to get messy too.


  1. I've always been a fan of Carl's Jr. The western bacon cheeseburger is my absolute favorite. It's even better at Dodger Stadium after it's been sitting under the heating lamp with the grease soaking in.

  2. I wish we had those on the east coast b/c it looks so good. Hell, anything would look good right now. I'm starving. I need to stop reading blogs early in the morning bc then I just crave food all day.

  3. HotChicksWithBurgers.com

    You could be a millionire, start that site!

    oh and Maxie, I'll gladly trade you Carls Jr for Dunkin' Donuts any day

  4. It's a good thing we don't have Carl's Jr. here. I don't need the temptation! Those fries look so very good.

  5. Oh man fries sound delicious right now.

  6. Carl's JR always has cool ads. I remember they had a hot chick in jeans sitting on a couch eating a burger a few years ago. It would drip onto the wrapper on the floor - obviously memorable ;)

  7. Mmmmmm.... I heart Carl!