Dear Redbook


Dear Redbook,

$19.97 to renew? That’s crazy! I do not spend that much for any of my magazine subscriptions and I have many. Meanwhile there are flyers in the copies of my latest Redbook mag for 12 issues for $12 as well as a free bag or free subscription for a friend (see enclosed). I have been a subscriber for over four years now, why should casual readers be rewarded with this offer and I am charged $19.97. I’m extremely happy with your publication, it’s my favorite women’s magazine, however I’m not happy about this price discrepancy. Please remove me from your Continuous Service Program.


Tara Settembre

Above is the letter that I just mailed back with my invoice. Hmph! Speaking of lifestyle magazines though check out my previous remarks on pitching Marie Claire, I let them have it too.

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  1. That is a little ridiculous, glad you sent that letter. Maybe they'll just send you a year for free now?

  2. I so agree... i don't even buy magazines anymore b/c they're way too freakin ridiculous. especially for how many ads are in them. I don't mind the ads, but don't charge me b/c your magazine is really thick, but 75% of it is all ads. gag

  3. hm i've never been a mag subscriber but it does seem steep! i've never actually read redbook either! i should pick it up one of these days!

  4. what a coincidence, I just went through some minor torture cancelling my sub to Esquire. Hearst makes you hunt for a cancellation phone number or address, and their online form is conveniently out of order. But I finally got a confirmation and hopefully they won't "accidentally" charge me for a renewal. Total scorched-earth policy...

  5. excatly CT, I couldn't find any phone number thus my snail mailing.