The City by the Bay

I'm typing from a hotel room in downtown San Francisco. I arrived early in the day to prepare for a new business pitch tomorrow. Luckily I had been before, since I don't have much time to sight see, but I still managed to quickly hit the nearby mall at lunch time and picked up a new pants suit from Express. I had a $30 off coupon and although I have plenty of smart suits already, I couldn't resist this brown/gray one and the looming coupon expiration date. I also couldn't resist buying some decadent "designer" dark chocolate treats from CocoaBella. They had these Lavender/Caramel chocolates that were a metallic purple and so shiny that you'd swear they were plastic and not edible.

After work I tried to be good by going to the hotel gym, but spent more time in the steam room than I did on the Elliptical machine. Both felt good though.

Although it was tempting to just order in room service and not go out alone, I couldn't resist being in such a famous city without at least venturing out more. So, in honor of the Chinese New Year, I headed to China Town to a hole-in-the-wall restaurant that got good reviews on CitySearch, Hunan Home's Restaurant. Having missed being able to walk city blocks and not drive to everywhere, I decided to forgo the taxi ride, especially since the map showed that I was only 10 blocks up and two blocks over from the restaurant. I failed to consider that although a map is flat, San Fran is not. The two blocks over was cake, the 10 blocks up was literally up a hill. It was easier going back though since it was downhill and I had Chow Mein in my tummy for fuel.

Now I'm in the room blogging to you all and about to take a bath, because I love hotel tubs. Oh, the hotel I'm at offers a complimentary shoe shine. You leave your shoes in a bag outside your door and they are returned to you by 7 a.m. Never having had my shoes shined before, I'm going to put in my pumps for tomorrow and hope they don't get lost or anything, otherwise I'll be going to the pitch in a nice new suit and gym sneakers.


  1. I only told Adrian you were going to SF today. He said he would have met you for dinner in the city. Next time, I'll give him a heads up.

  2. Tara welcome to the bay area, I wish R would have told me you were coming. I would have loved to join you for dinner, and shopping of course! Maybe next time. Good luck tomorrow.

  3. Thanks for checking out my blog and your comments.

    Was going thru your blog, must say its interesting.

  4. Thank you Adrian, very sweet, we'll have to do that next time.

  5. I absolutely love San Francisco! And their Chinese food is absolutely fantastic! Hope the hill(s) were worth it!