LA Cupcakes: Cake and Art

LA Cupcake MeetUp member and baker, Kody, invited my group to his shop Cake and Art in West Hollywood. The bakery is 32-years-old this week and is all about custom cakes and great designs. They can also put any company logo or picture on a cupcake and are soon doing 200 Oscar cupcakes for an Academy Awards party with photos of the nominees and their films on them. Oh and they make "pupcakes" for dogs and provided Dryers ice cream cupcakes for Ellen's audience recently.

Besides making us special MeetUp cupcakes, Kody provided us an insiders look at his bakery, some free milk and fruit to dunk into a chocolate fountain. He even let us decorate a cupcake and showed us how to make florets. When I went to top mine with sprinkles, I commented how I hated that most would roll off, so Kody gave us a tip, when you are applying sprinkles spritz some water from a spray bottle from a distance and then apply the desired sprinkles and they should stick and not just roll off.

The cupcakes were massive and moist, reminding me of our recent visit to Crumbs bakery and like those, Cake and Art also had a lot of inventive flavors. One member said these were moister though. My absolute favorite was the Key Lime Cupcake, with key lime curd inside and lime frosting on top, it was just tart enough. Another favorite was the seasonal Pumpkin Spice, which tasted like pumpkin pie with cream cheese frosting. I also tried their special cherry blossom, with whole cherries inside, which reminded me of a fruity muffin with frosting--Zendi was a fan of it. Their most popular selling flavors though are their Red Velvet with chocolate bits inside and their traditional vanilla Birthday Cake Cupcake. I didn't get to try the Chocolate Ecstasy, but was impressed with the gold splashes on the frosting made from melted edible gold. Silver flecks were also on the Cherry Blossom.

The store itself is fun and not haughty, but very West Hollywood with photos of stars and the cakes that were designed for them, which included Dolly Parton, Jenna Jameson, Rod Stewart, Cher, etc. The entrance has an enticing sign that reads, "Diva's Welcome!" and leopard pink swirly stools are available for seating inside.

Our event was mentioned over at Cupcakes take the Cake!

A great cake recipe is important for tasty desserts, but having the artistic inclination to decorate and design them as works of art is even cooler! From birthday cakes to Easter desserts and Christmas foods, fun cakes and goodies can be incorporated into any holiday or event. But who wants health foods when you can have cakes and cupcakes!


  1. Those cupcakes with the roses on them look way too good to eat!

  2. those cupcakes look delicious. yummm.

  3. You have got to take me here when I come home. I need to try that key lime cupcake. Sounds like a fun place and great for parties!

  4. OOH! A key lime cupcake?! I'm making a key lime pie for my hubby tonight, but cupcakes sound so much better!