You are what your skin eats

Origins has this ad campaign that reads, “You are what your skin eats,” which makes sense given the fact that our bodies are 89% water and our skin is like a sponge, thus we should be more careful about what we put on it. Apparently you can even apply Vicks VaporRub on the soles of your feet and it can still help stop a nighttime cold! How it absorbs and travels to the throat, I have no idea. Anyway, as a result of this notion I've started buying products with added vitamins etc, even my hair products, especially since I highlight my hair and it can really damage it.

I was recently told by a hairstylist that my hair is "thirsty" and needed to be repaired like a car or something. I was not suckered into buying the salon products they were sporting, but did some research on my own and looked into purchasing some hair masks. Yes, they make masks for hair too, you apply it from root to tips after you shampoo and then leave in your hair for 5 mins or longer before washing it out. Below are the two products that I like the best.

Alterna's caviar anti-aging hair masque with Seasilk ($40)
I had especially liked that this box read "the science of skin care for hair" and that it contained caviar extract and Vitamin C. The weekly reconstructing "masque" supposedly revitalizes hair, prevents breakage, combats dryness, delivers extreme moisture and fights aging. Additionally, it protects your color too. A tall order, but the caviar element made it all too luxurious and indulgent to resist and luckily it has lived up to its expectations and gave my hair a makeover of sorts leaving my hair knot free and silky. Because of the price, I only use this one once or twice a month especially after I highlight my hair.

On the drugstore side, there is also Cristophe Beverly Hills 3 in 1 Restorative Hair Mask ($9.99) available at CVS. Also with Vitamin C, this mask claims to repair, soften and protect hair. Soften it did as well as made my hair shiny. I use this one almost weekly, but according to the tube it could even be used daily if desired. It also has added sunscreens to protect hair against sun damage and drying, both of which are good for here in California.

You should always be careful of the skin and acne treatments you use on your skin though, lest you have an awful allergy to an ingredient. Hair treatments are the same way, and if you leave one on too long you could be facing some hair loss or scalp irritation. Most treatments and lotions are fine though, so consult a doctor if you have sensitive skin.


  1. Hey my mom works at CVS, maybe she can snag a bottle of that Cristophe stuff at an employee discount. :) I am always looking for new products for my crazy, very fine, curly hair.

  2. I tried the Cristophe stuff (and a few others in his line) and really didn't like it. Maybe my water was too hard, but it left me with icky stiff hair. No fun. Aveda's Curessence is damn fine for fixing what's broke when it comes to hair (and smells just so aveda-y purty!)

  3. Aw, I have such fond memories of being in SF with you. :) And how sick those hills made me. And sharing In n Out w/ you. Aw. ;)

    I'm going to try that Cristophe stuff as well as the Aveda that labloggergal (above) mentioned. My hair needs some work!

    Hope your shoes showed up. :)


  4. I'm so in love with Bed Head Treat Me Right Hair Mask...I don't know what it really does to my hair, but it feels so good.

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