She's got Bette Davis eyes

Have you ever met an adult that still acts precocious? Yes, I know the term is usually used to describe a child or teenager trying to be mature or older than their years. Well, I met this one woman who was still precocious despite being all grown up now. It’s like she’s trying too hard to convince us all that she’s knowledgeable and an adult. It’s like relax, we believe you, don’t try so hard. Instead, she comes off as a child wearing an adult dress and high heels going look at me, look at me.


  1. Oh wow. So you mean I have to stop telling the world to "Look at me dammit!"??? Drat it all. LOL Didn't get ot say congrats yet about the engagement, but what wonderful news!

  2. Damn! I guess I have to be more discrete next time. Thanks for the feedback my dear Tara. =P

  3. Yeah, I've worked with a couple of MDs that still have that "look at me, look at me" approach to life. It just lends itself to eye-rolling on my part.

    OH, I just saw shannon's comment and I back-tracked and read the ENGAGEMENT POST! Very nice! Congratulations and I am SUPER happy for you!

  4. It turns my stomach when someone tries so hard - it usually means they are very insecure and need to prove themselves.


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