Stop! Hookah time

Yesterday after work my colleagues and I headed to a hookah bar and restaurant, Gypsy Cafe, in Westwood. The guys all had been several times, but my officemate Rachael and I were both hookah virgins and were eager to try the water pipe, especially after we heard that it comes in 25 flavors of tobacco including apple, pomegranate, etc.

What is it though? Well it looks like a big glass water bong with a hose attached to puff from. Technically speaking though it is a herb containing fruit molasses tobacco and honey and originated in India but is popular in the Middle East. For sanitary reasons they provide a plastic nozzle for each smoker to insert into the end of the tube so no one swaps germs.

We ordered a hookah with raspberry vanilla flavoring and later mango mint. Both smelled and tasted nice, not like a cigarette. I had to be instructed on how to inhale it though, because at first I was barely exhaling any smoke. It took several tries before I could make it go down to my lungs. Finally though I got the hang of it. It was relaxing and made me light headed for brief seconds.

I can easily see how it's a fun and social thing to do, but something I'll reserve for once in a blue moon, since I'm not a smoker.

Link: Blogger just launched an image slide show of every photo that's uploaded to Blogger. I spent a good 10 minutes flipping through and then clicking more info and checking out the blogs that had photos that I liked.

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