Bloggers' Night Out

With my hookah buzz barely fading; I headed to W hotel Westwood that same night for a Bloggers' Night Out event with friends and bloggers, Zendi (The Zhen Blog) and ( Blog). However, a record release party for The Black Eyed Peas’ singer Will.I.Am was going on there too. As a result, there were a lot of dressed up people and a line of photographers staring at me as I walked in. Boy I loved walking right pass that line towards the pool.

Once finding the right party we met political bloggers, Vik Rubenfeld who runs The Big Picture and created the former series Early Edition, Bridget a.k.a GOP Vixen, Dirty Harry, a conservative film critic at Libertas, as well as a writer from Mayor Sam’s Blog. Amongst overly priced and horrid blueberry mojitos by the darkly lit pool, we debated about the similarities and differences between conservatives and liberals since the gathering was pretty much split down the middle between the two parties. It was interesting to hear each others views, while being civil and understanding that the other is not an enemy or an alien for thinking differently.

Ravi goes into more detail about the discussion in his post, “talking morality with conservative blog writers.” Oh and valet for a little less than two hours was the same price as my mojito, $14. Ouch! Now I’m even gladder that I grabbed a green apple from the hotel concierge desk. Hmph!

Anyone familiar with Internet history should know that bloggers know how to party! They're also really useful friends to have around when you need advice on buying a computer or want to know the best site to find streaming music. ;Bloggers are usually really up-to-date on the latest tech trends.


  1. There are conservatives in L.A.? Sacre bleau!!!

  2. lol I know I was surprised there were political bloggers in LA period, conservative or liberal ;)

  3. There are a few of us but I absolutely promise we're (well at least me) are not evil!

    Great blog Tara - nice to meet you and congrats!