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Wednesday, May 30, 2007

The other day we had dinner for the first time on our dinning table, which used to belong to my Dad's restaurant (Settembres) just like my red stools, which I had in my apt in NY. The retro table with red and white paten leather chairs and steel legs had been sitting in my mom's basement waiting for the day I had a place big enough to house it. Not that the table is very big, which is good because our place isn't either. So as a housewarming gift my mother had it sent out to me along with some bureaus (the one in the background) and a lamp.

For our first dinner on the table, I made cheese tortellini alfredo with broccoli and shrimp, plus baked rolls and a side of asparagus.  I didn't eat the asparagus though, but the rest was very good if I may say so. It was pretty easy to make too. 

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