What a croc

Friday, June 1, 2007

I caved and bought a pair of Crocs while I was in Fort Lauderdale. Although no one wears them out in LA except for kids, everyone down there had a pair of the bulky sandals, even my friend Stef. I had tried on her pale purple ones and was surprised to find them so light weight, airy and comfortable. So when we hit the mall, which we hit hard by the way, I picked up a pair of official Crocs, bright pink. I haven't worn them out here yet, but think they would make for some good boating shoes and at least the ones that I purchased were $10 cheaper since I fit into the kids’ sizes. 

I found it funny that Stef and I had planned to do an everglade air boat ride to see alligators and real crocs, but we slept in and I bought the Croc sandals instead. I think they should be called Ducks though, because they make me look like I have duck feet.

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