A Hollywood weekend

Sunday, June 3, 2007

Last night I went to my first Hollywood Hills party for the 2007 L.A. Blogger Party hosted by L.A. Daddy. The house was set up high on Mulholland Drive and belonged to Shrek writer Terry Rossio, so I was eyeing all the film memorabilia on display. There were also tiki torches, a tiki hut bar, and a big porch with a stone fireplace and waterfall hot tub. Oh and of course lots of local bloggers and yummy food and wine. There were some blog readers there too, which they preferred to be called instead of non-blogger. Raphael, who so kindly accompanied me, after meeting several mommy bloggers decided to start introducing himself as a mommy blogger too, lol. 

I shared laughs with: Kim from 8 Centimeters Deluded, Madeline Holler soon to be blogger of 'Ain't No Holler Back Blog' and another Kim, writer at House of Prince.

Mingled with: ByJane, the wife of Honea Express, Childs Play x2, Kitchen Fire, Sarah at September 10 and Down With Pants--a Ventura blogger.

Had whiskey shots with:
Frowning of a Lifetime and Sink into the Pacific (I hear he later got naked in the hot tub, but I left two shots before)

Friday night we hit up Hollywood's The Roosevelt Hotel pool bar, Tropicana, which was a lot of fun. It wasn't very crowded but that's because of their strict admittance policy. We actually wouldn't have been able to get in if not for Raphael's friends who were staying at the hotel. Despite all its classy-ness a roach crawled on a friends foot and underneath the lounge chair, ew. We later ate at, 25 Degrees

Today meanwhile I biked 13 miles and this time I didn't need a push :) 

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