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Tuesday, May 29, 2007

I never had much luck with bicycles; there was the nice new bike that my cousin just put together for me, which was stolen from my dad's place before I could even ride it and that time where I fell off my bike and down this little ditch off the road and breaking my wrist. Thus, I wasn't much of a bike person, so I rollerbladed instead. 

However, now that I live by the beach, I've wanted a beach cruiser; you know one of those classic looking ones with the wide handle bars? Although I originally wanted a red bike, I ended up picking out a pink one because it came with seven gears instead of none. I bought it at in Torrance for $180, instead of paying $300-500, which is what the Santa Monica places had wanted. But of course I then had to get a cute wooden basket, bell with hearts on it, a gel seat and a basket liner from that converts into a sack once I park my bike and want to walk around with my stuff. All the extras brought my total to $270--but still a good deal. Raphael bought a bicycle this weekend too, but an aluminum Trek mountain bike.  

For our first journey we were pretty adventurous and biked from our home in Mar Vista to Hermosa Beach for their Memorial Day fair, passing the towns of Playa del Rey, El Segundo and Manhattan Beach. It was 13 miles each way, 26 miles total, so pretty much like biking a marathon. I was ok on the way there, the views and sunshine were beautiful, but on the way back my butt was sore and my muscles tight. I almost convinced Raphael into taking a taxi back, it didn't sell though, but he occasionally would help give me a push on the way back as if I were a kid just learning to bike, lol. I took a nice hot bath when I got home, but I'm sure I'll still be sore tomorrow. I feel accomplished though.

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Oh I named my bike Chrissy, which is weird since I've never even named my car, but this bike looks prissy and Three's Company-opening-sequence-like, so Chrissy.  

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