Is your betty ready?

Wednesday, May 16, 2007

A fun new product hit the shelves this year, Fun Betty, which is designed to color the hair down there. So for most women the carpet can now match the drapes ;) Or you can be really daring and go with their pink version. Variety is the spice of life, no?

Fun Betty has been in my online bookmarks for some time now, but after seeing the Business 2.0 article Going Long On the Short and Curlies, I decided to go for it and try it out myself. I have no photos to share of coure and I'll do my best to avoid TMI but here was my experience and thoughts:

I've dyed the hair on my head before and that often burns and causes irritations, so I was a little worried to travel down south. However, it didn't burn or leave blotches of any kind. There was a slight sensitivity/warming, but nothing bad at all. Probably because it does not contain ammonia and was specifically formulated to be gentle. Fun Betty dye also has natural ingredients like cherry bark, aloe, chamomile, aloe and rosemary.

Unlike other dyes that make my eyes water--this purple goop smells like perfume. It is cream based too, so you don't have to worry about drips, etc. and their kit comes with a mini applicator comb, mixing trey and gloves.  Best of all, it didn't dye my area any other color than the one that I chose, becuase I've heard horror stories of women using regualr hair dye for down there and getting crazy colors, which was the case with Samantha in Sex and the City, who was trying to hide some grays and ended up getting a bozo orange look.

The only negative is that the entire process takes an hour. First you use a lightening and developing cream for 30 mins and then comes the color. Times vary for desired level of color, but the different levels are clearly marked in the instructions. My betty had turned to the color that I had wanted just after the first treatment though, but I continued on with the color too as per the directions. The instructions also recomended trying a sample patch first, but I figured, what the heck let's go all in and luckily my gamble paid off. Overall, I found the whole process to be easy, exciting and had me giggling. 

Final caveat, this could get addictive! 

You can order through the main site for $20 each color (sun burst orange, brown, auburn, blonde, black and pink) or through Beauty Deals.

Video: David Spade's There I Said It, Ugly Betty. He makes some good points about the TV show's definition of 'ugly.' 


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