Shecky's Girls Night Out #3

Thursday, May 17, 2007

I've been to several Shecky's Girls Night Out events in New York (like this one), but yesterday was my first time attending one out here in LA. Held at The Hollywood Legion it was a little more cramped, but I liked the old fashion quality of the place.

My friends and I sipped a blueberry, pomegranate drink with 5% alchoal from Peels as well as a yummy Bacardi Silver Mojito drink that comes in a bottle and tastes like mint but without the bits of real mint inside. Both were very refreshing and good for the beach, but after awhile the sugar of both on my empty stomach was making me crave something salty--I went home and made easy mac.

OK now on to the shopping... As always when I go to these events I went around buying like there was no tomorrow. My first purchase was an adorable cupcake gold colored charm with two pink gems on the side from chichi ($38), then a beaded crown tank top with a tye dye background that reminded me of Neapolitan ice cream ($22), and two shirts that are super soft and vintage looking from a discount bin for only 10 each.

My friend and colleague, Rachael, bought a cute Coffee Whore t-shirt ($20) from Function Five Apparel, I almost got their chocolate whore one and recommended they create a wine whore tee, because I'd be all about it.

Sarah meanwhile bought this big mustard colored gem ring, that would have dwarfed my fingers but looks kick ass on hers, or as she said, "makes a statement."

Other vendors of note were Bling It On Designs and this hoolahoop workout demonstration outside by hoopnotica and yes, I tried it and didn't drop my hoop (I was raining champ on my childhood street of Columbus Ave.) They offer classes and claim to "wiggle off the calories and give your workouts a fun new spin with invigorating hoop dance classes." I almost bought their starter pack with DVD after trying it out. The hoops are heavier than the childhood ones and I could actually feel my abs working it, but I have no place to twirl without knocking things over in my home, but I might stop by their classes in Marina Del Rey. The hoops also break apart and snap together, which was cool. I'm such a sucker though for this stuff.

Now for the real reason why I attend these events... the swag bag! I thought we were being smart by getting our goodie bags at the end so we didn't have to lug the heavy shoulder bag filled with products the whole time, and I even felt a bit smug when I heard all the other women complain about the weight of them. However, when we went to collect them at the end we received the bottom of the barrel bags, which were missing the plush sachette hangers that I saw in the other girls' bags and probably other stuff. Dang. My bag still had some good stuff and included Sea Breeze astringent, which I already have and have blogged about, and products from The Soap Kitchen, RedKen, Garnier, Sunsilk, Witchy Poo Bath fizzer and copies of New Beauty and Blueprint magazine.

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